Property Tax for Business

Whether you own a commercial, industrial or multi-residential property, find the answers to all your  business property tax questions below

Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Residential Property Tax

When are your property taxes due?

The due dates for your installments are shown on your tax bill. 

Interim taxes are due the last business day of February and March.

Final taxes are due the last business day of June, August and October.

Supplementary taxes are due on various dates depending on the date of issue.

Please check the back of your tax bill for more information on penalties and charges that apply to late payment.

Property Tax Payment Options

The City of London's Pre-Authorized Payment Plan offers the convenience of paying your tax bill over 10 months through automatic withdrawals from your banking institution.

Please contact your financial institution for details on how to set up your automatic withdrawals. Other payment options are outlined on the back of your tax bill.

Property Assessment

For questions regarding the assessed value of your property, please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation who administers all valuations of property.

If you disagree with your property assessment, you have the option to appeal to the Assessment Review Board. The deadline for the appeal process is March 31.

Please Note:

Beginning with the 2009 tax year, assessment appeals for residential, farm, managed forest or conservation land properties can only be filed with the ARB if:

  • A Request for Reconsideration (RFR) has been filed with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation by March 31st;  AND
  • A decision on the RFR has been received by the taxpayer noting a revised appeal deadline.

For more information on the appeal  process, please contact the Assessment Review Board at 1-800-263-3237.

2020 Tax Codes for the City of London

If you have any questions about the 2020 Tax Codes for the City of London, please reach out to the tax team at

Tax Rebate Programs

Registered Charities

Registered charities which occupy property in the commercial or industrial class may be eligible for property tax rebates of 40 per cent. All those who wish to apply must have a valid registration number issued by The Canada Revenue Agency and submit an application by the last day of February following the tax year.

The application form can be downloaded as a PDF document. It is also available from the tax team.

The tax rebate offered to charities is intended to offset property tax increases that resulted from the elimination of the Business Occupancy Tax.  Qualifying charities must apply each year for the rebate.

Tax Refunds 

Tax Refund Information

Upon application to the Treasure of a local municipality made in accordance with Section 357 or 258, the local municipality may cancel, reduce or refund all or part of taxes levied on land in the year in respect of which the application is made.

Tax Refund Application Form

​Tax Forms

Tax Forms

Request for Certificate of the Treasure

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