Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks

Every winter, as weather permits, select parks across London become home to Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks that provide residents an opportunity to enjoy outdoor skating in their local community. Rinks are built, operated, and maintained by dedicated community volunteers who donate their time to provide a family-friendly recreation activity for their community. Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks are generally open between January to March depending on the weather. These rinks are natural, meaning freezing of the ice occurs from cold ambient temperatures as opposed to artificial ice rinks which are refrigerated and mechanically frozen.

Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks are operated by a team of dedicated resident Volunteers. This group determines when the Ice Rink is safe for use. This decision is based on weather conditions and the ice surface, so the Ice Rinks may not be operating 7 days a week. 

If there is a CLOSED sign at your Neighbourhood Ice Rink, please respect this decision and stay off the ice until conditions improve. Please Note: Since Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks are located within City Parks, the Rinks are closed from dusk to dawn.

For information related to indoor public skating, Storybook Gardens, Victoria Park and Convent Garden skating, please visit our skating page.

List of Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks
  • AL Furanna Park
  • Belvedere Park
  • Cedar Hollow Park
  • Dalkeith Park
  • East Lions Park
  • Ed Blake Park
  • Mornington Park
  • Odessa Park
  • Riverbend Park
  • Talbot Park
  • University Heights Park 
  • Wortley Village Green Park 
Apply to be a Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rink volunteer

Residents and community groups are always looking for volunteers to support their Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks.

Volunteers operate the rink with duties that include making ice by flooding the rink surface, shovelling snow off the ice surface and maintaining ice safety.

Interested in volunteering at your local rink? Email or call 519-661-5336 to find a rink looking for volunteers near you.

Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks guide

The Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks guide outlines administrative and operational procedures regarding neighbourhood-managed ice rinks formed and maintained on City property.

The procedures are meant to assist residents and groups in providing public skating opportunities in their neighbourhoods where such initiatives enhance recreational opportunities and are consistent with the interests of the City of London.  Through these procedures, we want to assist residents in providing ice rinks that maximize positive experiences and usage for skaters, volunteers and the Corporation of the City of London. 

Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rinks guide

How is a Neighbourhood-Managed Ice Rink approved?
  1. Complete the online application form to express your interest in a neighbourhood rink.  
  2. City staff will review the applications and meet with the Parks department to determine which submissions are feasible. 
  3. As a part of the approval process, City staff may visit and inspect your desired ice rink location to make sure that it is safe and meets program requirements. This may involve you meeting with City staff at the site. 
  4. Once the approved submissions have been finalized, City staff will email a volunteer agreement to you and your group to complete. You will also be required to complete an Orientation Session. 
  5. Once you have been notified that your application was approved, you will be free to begin building your rink. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited program capacity, not all rink applications that meet requirements may be approved. If you have any questions, please email or call 519.661.5336.

What do I need to get started? 

To be approved for a neighbourhood-managed ice rink, you will need the following:

Time: Ice rinks require daily care and maintenance - you must be prepared and available to dedicate time to your ice rink.

Main Contact or Lead: One person to act as a main contact for your group who will be responsible for communicating with City of London staff.

Dedicated Volunteers: At least 6 volunteers (including lead) are required to help maintain the rink throughout the season.

Suitable Site: 

  • Free from hazards
  • Accessible to community users
  • Accessible to emergency vehicles
  • Reasonably flat surface

Please note that natural ice formations (such as natural hollows, ponds, etc.) may not be suitable sites.

Water Source: A water source that can be accessed throughout the season to flood the rink (financial subsidies available up to $400 per year to assist with utility charges).

Materials: Tools and materials to build your rink base (such as perimeter boards and liners). The City will provide a hose, nozzle, shovels, and garbage bins at each rink location.

Insurance: If your group is incorporated, you must provide a certificate of insurance in the amount of $2 million and name the Corporation of the City of London as co-insured.

Last modified:Monday, June 10, 2024