Refreshment vehicles

Classifications and requirements:

Class 1:  Motorized vehicles without food preparation

Motorized vehicles permitted on public and private property from which pre-packaged or pre-made food products are offered for sale for a brief time per location - no food is permitted to be prepared on, in, or around the vehicle while in service. 

Class 2:  Non-motorized refreshment vehicles

Non-motorized vehicles, carts, bikes, etc. where food products, either pre-packaged or prepared on site, are sold or offered for sale on public and/or private property.  They can be stationary, or mobile, but are non-motorized.

Class 3:  Motorized vehicles with food preparation

Motorized vehicles where food products are prepared and offered for sale from different locations on public and/or private property.  Most commonly known as food trucks. 

Last modified:Tuesday, June 18, 2024