London's Newcomer Strategy

Choose London - Innovative, Vibrant and Global; London's Newcomer Strategy

Choose London – Innovative, Vibrant and Global: London’s Newcomer Strategy is a community-driven strategy, led by the City of London.  It is the product of a broad consultation process with multiple stakeholders, along with statistical and literature reviews. This strategy identifies three strategic priorities:  Enhance Awareness, Facilitate Access and Active Engagement.  Each of these strategic priorities is supported by the activities as set out in the work plan. The activities are aimed at creating a necessary drive towards meeting quantitative targeted outcomes relating to Newcomer attraction and retention to sustain and increase economic growth.

With an aging population and declining birth rates, creating increased supports for the attraction, retention and integration of Newcomers, including international students, foreign trained professionals and multigenerational immigrants, has been identified by the City as a top priority for Londoners, City Council and Civic Administration.

Newcomers to Canada play a vital role in the country's economic, social and cultural success.

London's Newcomer Strategy - English

Stratégie de la VIlle de London pour les Nouveaux Arrivants

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