Financial, Food, and Housing Assistance

If you or your family are facing financial and/or food insecurity or poverty, London, Ontario has many programs that can assist you with the basic necessities of life and services to help you get back on your feet. 


Financial Assistance

The City of London provides information and resources for the Ontario Works program, assistance with employment, and discretionary benefits, which can help cover basic needs and living expenses. The discretionary benefits program can help cover costs for dental, vision, and other health care services/products for low-income residents and residents receiving social assistance.

Through the London Transit Commission, the City of London also offers a subsidized or partially paid bus pass for low-income individuals and families in the city. If you’re having trouble paying transportation fees and/or don’t have a vehicle, read through the requirements to see if you qualify for a subsidized bus pass.

The Southwest Health Line website provides listings for financial support services and programs divided into the following categories: 


Child Care Fee Subsidy Program

Child Care Fee Subsidy is a program that is intended to assist eligible families with the cost of their child care expenses. It supports eligible families by paying a portion, or all of their total licensed child care costs, as funding permits.


Food Assistance

London Food Bank offers food hampers every day for families and individuals facing food insecurity in London. Note you will only be allowed to receive a food hamper once every 30 days. 

The Salvation Amy’s Centre of Hope also has a food bank which can provide an emergency three-day supply of food for individuals and families.

There are also a number of food banks and service providers that offer free meals on certain days. Click on this link for a calendar that shows where you can access these free meal services on certain days.


Housing Assistance

The City of London, Housing Access Centre (HAC) provides information about what housing options may be available to you based on your needs and budget. Please visit the City of London’s housing webpage or contact the Housing Access Centre directly:

Housing Access Centre

Phone: 519-661-0861

Fax: 519-661-4466



Last modified:Monday, April 15, 2024