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Here are some of the terms used in our Elections Results:


ADV/Advance: Advance voting location; locations where voters can cast their ballot on the designated days prior to Voting Day.

Eligible Voters - Total: The total number of registered voters or “electors” on the Voters’ List prior to Voting Day.

Overvotes: An overvote occurs when a voter selects more than the maximum number of candidates allowed for a race. Overvoted races are not counted. However, all other races on the ballot that are not overvoted are counted. (For example, if a voter selects 2 candidates for the Mayor race rather than 1, which is the maximum allowed, an overvote of 1 is recorded.)

Total Votes: The sum of valid votes for every race.

Tabulator: Assigned tabulation machine for each voting place or poll.

Total Ballots Cast: The number of ballots cast into a tabulator by City of London electors. This refers to the physical ballot going into the tabulator.

Undervotes: An undervote occurs when a voter selects less candidates than the number of positions allowed for the office. (For example, if a voter selects 1 candidate for the Thames Valley District School Board race rather than 2 as allowed, an undervote of 1 is counted for that race; the other candidate selected is counted toward the final results.)

Vote by Mail Tab: Tabulators used to tabulate ballots received by mail from eligible voters in London (see Special Vote by Mail Procedures [link])

Vote For: The number of positions to fill for a race and the maximum number of vote selection(s) allowed for that race; any votes/selections above or below that number would be denoted as an “overvote” or an “undervote” respectively. (For example, if there is 1 vacant Councillor position, there is 1 opportunity to vote for 1 candidate.)

Voter Turnout: Turnout represents the percentage of eligible voters or “electors” who voted.

Election results information is available in alternate formats, upon request.

Last modified:Thursday, July 04, 2024