New sidewalks program

If you live in a neighbourhood with no sidewalks, you can request that the City consider your area for the annual New Sidewalk Program. Each year, the City identifies high-priority areas and develops a sidewalk plan.

Sidewalks make communities more accessible for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

New sidewalks encourage exercise and help support different ways to travel by giving pedestrians the opportunity to explore their neighbourhoods safely.

Request a new sidewalk

Selecting areas for new sidewalks

Priority for building new sidewalks is based on factors including:

  • daily vehicle traffic and pedestrian visibility
  • adjacent land use and expected pedestrian usage
  • proximity to a school or community amenity
  • proximity to transit

New sidewalk list

The list below shows the streets where residents have requested sidewalks. Streets are evaluated using a rating system. 


Road construction

The New Sidewalk Program is not the only way for a new sidewalk to be constructed. The City also builds sidewalks as part of road construction projects following the direction of The London Plan, the City's Transportation Master Plan, and Vision Zero principles.

Learn more about upcoming road construction


Last modified:Tuesday, April 09, 2024