Career Planning

Looking for career options or thinking about transitioning into a new employment sector? 

In this section, you will find resources that will help you get started by exploring career options, resume and cover letter tips, education, and self-assessments to help evaluate your skill sets and explore new career opportunities.

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Career Planning

A Few Tips for Career Planning

Having some 'insider knowledge' can be helpful when starting your employment journey. Below are a few tips to help you start planning for your career.

Getting Started with Career Planning: Where to Start

Starting a new career or changing career direction can be a big task if you’re not sure which direction you should be going. The best way to begin your career journey is to figure out what type of work you want to do and what skills you can bring to the table.  The information contained in this Tip Sheet will give you some ideas to get you started as you explore your options. Match the destination you had in mind.  

Career Planning: 11 Tips to Help You Be Successful

According to Margaret Buj, Career Advice Expert, career planning is not something you do once and then forget. Considering that research has found the average worker will change jobs - and careers - five to seven times in their lifetime, career planning is an activity you want to do more than once a year. This Tip Sheet will take you through 11 steps to develop the right career path for you.

Resources and Links

We can all use some help during our job search. Below are resources to help with your career planning.

Cover Letters

A Few Tips for Building Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself and your story before your first interview. It's your first opportunity at a good impression. Below are some tip sheets to help you build the best cover letter possible.

Building Your Cover Letter: The Purpose and Structure of a Cover Letter

It is important to keep in mind when writing a cover letter that the purpose is to motivate the reader to look at your resume. It's an opportunity to catch the attention of your potential employer so that you can clearly explain the reason for your application, what you have to offer to their team, and why you want to work for the company. View this tip sheet to help you structure your cover letter:

Cover Letter: Best Practices

There are some best practices when it comes to preparing a good, well thought-out cover letter. View this tip sheet to begin using cover letter best practices:

Cover Letter: A Great Cover Letter in Five Steps

What is needed for a great cover letter? How much information is too much information? Check out this tip sheet for five steps to ensuring a well-structured cover letter:

Resources and Links

We can all use some help during our job search. Below are resources to help with your cover letter.

Resume Building

A Few Tips for Building Your Resume

Your resume must clearly, concisely, and strategically present your qualifications to get a recruiter interested in meeting you.  Having an updated, modern resume is key to a successful job search. This Tip Sheets below will help you put your best foot forward in your job search.

Resume Building - How to Write a Good Resume

There are a number of do's and don'ts when it comes to building your resume. This Tip Sheet will help you navigate the do's and don'ts, so you have a great resume to present to potential employers.

Resume Building - Quick Facts You Need to Know

Did you know that the average recruiter will spend 6.25 seconds the first time they look at your resume? That is why your resume needs to provide the reader with information about your relevant skills, qualifications, and experience. This Tip Sheet will help provide some general guidelines for formatting your resume and how to highlight your education and work experience so you can stand out in the crowd.

Resources and Links

We can all use some help during our job search. Below are resources to help with your resume building.

Last modified:Thursday, April 11, 2024