Scattering funeral ashes

The dispersal or scattering of funeral ashes on City land or in waterways is allowed. Permission from the City is not required to scatter funeral ashes in London parks or into water.

 To support community gatherings, the City is currently establishing a recommended site at the Riverside Boat Launch for the practice.

Riverside Boat Launch

The Thames River at the Riverside Boat Launch on a sunny summer day
The Riverside Boat Launch at  520 Riverside Drive near the intersection of Riverside Drive and Wonderland Road. 

At the east edge of the Riverside Boat Launch, there is a ramp into the Thames River. This is a scenic and tranquil location that is less busy than some other riverfront parks. Parking is available on site. Please note the ramp does not have handrails. 

The park at the boat launch  is open to everyone including park visitors, paddlers, and people scattering funeral ashes on a first come first serve basis. If you see an individual or family dispersing funeral ashes at the water’s edge, please be kind and respectful of this solemn practice.

People who wish to scatter funeral ashes are not required to use this location as the scattering of ashes can occur without permission from the City in all parks and waterways.

Always be cautious near the river, and please check current flood bulletins before you visit. 

Please do not leave items in the water or on the shoreline, such as food, cloth, notes, photos, or wrappers from bouquets.

The existing asphalt ramp at the Riverside Boat Launch is being repaired in fall 2023. Signage about scattering ashes is also being added. Further upgrades are expected in 2024-2025 for the scattering ashes, paddling, and other park uses. Additional recommended sites and more information will continue to be added to this webpage. 

The shore of the Thames River at the Riverside Boat Launch.
The Riverside Boat Launch is a recommended space to disperse funeral ashes at the water’s edge.

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Last modified:Monday, September 18, 2023