Accessible and Veterans' Parking

Accessible parking

what this sign means

Accessible parking spots are only available for vehicles:

  • operated by, or
  • carrying a person with physical disabilities.

An Accessible Parking Permit (APP) issued by ServiceOntario must be displayed and must be original and current. The entire permit must be clearly visible through the windshield of the vehicle.

Check to make sure your permit has not expired. Please visit or phone ServiceOntario to renew or apply for a permit.

  • Accessible Parking Permits may be used at:
    • Any on-street meter, without depositing coinage, for up to the time limit of the meter as posted.  If the time limit is surpassed, a parking ticket will be issued for parking at an expired meter
    • In Municipal Off-Street Parking Lots that use a Pay n Display Master Meter, an APP must be displayed when parking in designated accessible spots. A daily maximum of two hours free parking is available in these designated spaces. In all other parking spaces within the lot, time must be purchased from the Master Meter and the receipt displayed on the dash of the vehicle.  Look for a green sign with a white "P" symbol.

The City of London does not permit parking in prohibited areas such as "No Parking" or "No Stopping" zones.

Own a business in need of accessible parking?

The City of London provides official accessible parking signs with guidelines to businesses and multi-unit residential properties.  Contact us at to request your complimentary signage.

Veterans' parking

Veterans Park Free


The City of London is pleased to offer limited free parking to any veteran displaying a veteran’s licence plate on their vehicle:

  • on-street meters - no longer than the maximum period allowable, as posted on the sign
  • City of London off-street parking lots for a daily maximum of 2 hours.  Look for a green sign with a white "P" symbol.

This payment exemption is available to all veterans' vehicles displaying a valid veteran licence plate issued by Service Ontario. These are plates with a red poppy and the word “Veteran” underneath.

Last modified:Thursday, July 04, 2024