Membership and agendas



Central Council 

The Central Council is the governing body that oversees all of LMLIP’s activities and projects. The Central Council, led by the LMLIP Co-chairs, supported by LMIP Staff, is made up of the chairs of each area of focus, eight members-at-large with lived experience, representatives from the County, the Province, the Administrative Support Agency, Research Liaison, United Way Elgin Middlesex, and the Le Réseau en Immigration Francophone de la région Centre-Sud-Ouest de l’Ontario (RIFSCO).

Education Sub-Council

The Education Sub-council works to bring the voice of the immigrant experience to many areas of the education system. This includes increasing understanding of immigrant students’ needs and their inclusivity in elementary, secondary, post-secondary and non-credit education and providing information on credentialing supports.

An example is the creation of a position paper underscoring the need for pre-service teachers to receive diversity training.

Employment Sub-Council

The Employment Sub-Council aims to facilitate the integration of newcomers into the labour force. This includes removing barriers to employment for immigrant job seekers and raising awareness of immigrant talent amongst employers to help job seekers achieve employment commensurate with their international skills and experience.

An example is the creation of fact sheets illustrating the need for immigrants in the workforce.

LMLIP Employment Sub-council meeting agenda.

Health & Well Being Sub-Council

The Health & Well Being Sub-Council seeks to support and improve access to services that improve the living conditions and quality of life of newcomers in the region. This includes, but is not limited to, mental health, physical health, impact of trauma/war, access to services for all groups, recreation, nutrition, access to interpretation and life skills.

An example is the creation of the Mental Health and Addiction Service Guide in London & Middlesex County; it includes information on mental health services available in the community and how to access them.

LMLIP Health & Well Being Sub-council meeting agenda.

Inclusion & Civic Engagement Sub-Council

The Inclusion & Civic Engagement Sub-council strives to increase immigrant social, community and civic engagement at all levels by sharing information on opportunities and access. The sub-council focuses on educating immigrants about their rights as residents and the significance of being engaged in the community. The sub-council educates the receiving community about the contributions of immigrants.

An example is the creation of events, such as the Ready to Volunteer event, to encourage immigrant volunteerism in the community and connect newcomers with volunteer opportunities.

LMLIP Inclusion & Civic Engagement Sub-council meeting agenda.

Settlement Sub-Council

The Settlement Sub-Council works to support the integration of newcomers to life in London and Middlesex County in a variety of areas. This includes education on housing issues, transitional services, information and referrals; building relationships between newcomers and the Indigenous Peoples by coordinating educational sessions on the History of Canada and the Indigenous Peoples.

An example of this group’s work is the education sessions for landlords and immigrant tenants about their rights and responsibilities while building understanding between both parties.

LMLIP Settlement Sub-council meeting agenda.

LMLIP Members

Abdulla, Susan 
Abousaad, Sara 
Ahmed, Asmaa 
Al Sayyah, Eman 
Al-Adeimi, Mohamed 
Almayahi, Zaynab 
Alnahdi, Samia 
Antone, Janet 
Aquino, Rose 
Armistead, Robin
Atalla, Sahar
Atmani, Rosa  
Ayoub, Farah 
Bandola, Justine 
Barnes, Kelly 
Benny, Cicil Sandra
Bullock, Julie 
Cantin, Jean-Pierre 
Carson, Sheila
Castillo, Ana
Castro, Gerardo   
Collins, Robert 
Dam, Tam 
Desjardins, Paulette 
D'Souza, Arthur  
Edgar, Mary  
ElSheikh, Noha 
Eltom, Dina 
Esses, Vicki
Estrada, Grace 
Farah, Filsan 
Franco, Maria 
Ghasemiyani, Mahin 
Giroux-Patience, Rita 
Guerrero, Margarita 
Ho, Rachel 
Hollis, Jennifer 
Houssein, Ayan
Husain, Kash 
Hussain, Rifat 
Inguanse, Cecilia 
Jaberi, Misaq 
Jaberi, Mitra 
Jerez, Marcella
Johnston, Tiffany  
Kabongo, Didier
Kalyal, Adil 
Kalyal, Hina 
Kianfar, Cynthia 
Kim, MinJeong 
Koltun, Kinga 
Lan, Flora
Leeming, Sarah 
Liu, Fan 
Longhurst, Arla 
Lord, Christina 
Lucan, Ramona 
Macari, Karen 
Madlol, Yusar 
McSloy, Nancy 
Mitchell, Beth 
Morrice, Jesse 
Mousavi, Fatmeh 
Munro, Devin 
Murdock, Keely 
Ngatcha, Willy Tchuilen
Ochoa, Lisette 
Palacio, Maria 
Radhaa, Amani 
Ravanera, Zenaida - Community Co-Chair
Riddell, Roxanne 
Rojas, Ana 
Rosas, Fanny 
Rutagarama, Jerome
Shreshtha, Suresh 
Skinner, Angela 
Sompaseuth, Irena 
Tansley, Jill – Co-Chair
Tobin, Danielle 
Tobin, Delmar 
Torrefranca, James 
Winchester-Tucker, Lana 
Winser, Joe
Yahya Ali, Ahmed 
Zabian, Ziyad 
Zeller-Beir, Jutta




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