The City of London has a wide range of parking regulations designed to provide safe streets and better traffic flow throughout the city.

The Parking office is currently open for in-person payments only.  Please note - we are not administering any in-person screenings.  For questions or concerns, please phone our office at 519-661-4537 or email

Parking tickets

Pay your parking ticket

If you receive a parking ticket, you have 15 days to pay the ticket or request a dispute screening. If you do not choose an option within 15 days, your ticket will be affirmed.  This means the ticket will remain as is and additional fees will be added to the Penalty Notice.

 You have three options for paying your parking ticket:

  1.    Pay your ticket online 
  2.   Pay by mail using a cheque or money order

​​​​​​Make payable to the City Treasurer. Mail to the Corporation of the City of London, Parking Services, PO Box 5400, London, ON   N6A 4L6. Do not send cash in the mail.  Please ensure you mail your payment with sufficient time to reach the office by the 15 day deadline.

 3.      Pay in person at the Parking Services Office, 824 Dundas Street  (not available at this time due to COVID protocols). Payment can be placed in the drop box located at the east side of the front main entrance.

Dispute your ticket

Due to COVID-19 dispute screening will only be done by phone or online.  

  1. Complete the form  
  2. Copy or scan your ownership and photo identification
  3. E-mail above information to
  4. If your are not the registered owner of the vehicle that was ticketed, the vehicle owner will have to sign off on a third party agent authorization form, authorizing you to dispute the ticket on their behalf.  

Screenings will be completed as soon as possible. You will be contacted by phone or e-mail to discuss the results.


Municipal lots

municipal parking sign and meter


All City-managed and owned lots are identified with a white "P" symbol and green background.  Municipal lots are unattended and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  When parking in a Municipal lot, you are required to display a permit, receipt from the Pay and Display master meter, or pay using the HonkMobile parking app.


Municipal Parking lot rates



Core Area parking information

Core Area two-hour complimentary parking using HONK

To support local businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and construction, the City is offering two-hour complimentary municipal parking in London’s core.

Residents and visitors wishing to take advantage of this opportunity will need to use the HonkMobile app to access parking from their phone, tablet or computer. Enter the code CORE under "Add Promo" at time of checkout.

As an alternative to using the HonkMobile app, motorists can access two hours of complimentary parking by contacting Parking Services at 519-661-4537, providing their licence plate number and the zone ID for the location in which they would like to park.

Core area parking map

Core Area Parking Map (enlargeable)


Frequently asked questions
Where is the promotional code 'CORE' to access free municipal parking being offered?

Free parking is currently being offered at all municipal parking spaces in, Downtown London, Richmond Row and Old East Village.

Map of London's Core Area
How do I identify a municipal parking lot?

All municipal lots are identified with a white “P” symbol, green background and City logo.

How can I activate free parking in the core using the 'CORE' promotional code on HonkMobile?

You can activate free parking in the core area by selecting  ‘Add Promo’  and using the code word 'CORE' before submitting your parking request on HonkMobile.

How many hours of free parking can I get, per day?

Each vehicle will receive two hours of free parking, per day.

What if I’ve used up my two hours of free parking, but I want to continue to park in a municipal lot or at an on-street meter?

If you’ve run out of your two hours of free parking, you can use the HonkMobile app to pay for an extra hour or two.

How does HonkMobile work?

After you download the app, you create a free account with your email, cellphone number, license plate number and payment details. After you've parked, you can add money by entering the zone you're in. You can pay for parking right away if you know you're going to be longer than two hours, or you can wait until your time is just about to expire to pay the regular hourly rate. Once the payment is processed, parking enforcement officers receive a notice to tell them you've paid.

What if I don’t have an iPhone or Android device?

No problem! HonkMobile works on any mobile device, simply visit HonkMobile's website to search, find and access parking.

What if I don’t have a cell phone?

Individuals that do not have a cell phone can pre-purchase their time through a computer or tablet at home via HonkMobile's website to park in the lot.



DIGOEV two-hour complimentary parking using HONK

In addition to the Core Area complementary parking, and to support businesses during construction of the Dundas Street Infrastructure Renewal project, the City is offering two-hour complimentary municipal parking in Municipal Lot 1 (434 Elizabeth Street) and Municipal Lot 2 (641 Queens Avenue).

Residents and visitors wishing to take advantage of this opportunity will need to use the HonkMobile app to access parking from their phone, tablet or computer. Enter the code DIGOEV under "Add Promo" at time of checkout.

As an alternative to using the HonkMobile app, motorists can access two hours of complimentary parking by contacting Parking Services at 519-661-4537, providing their licence plate number and the zone ID for the location in which they would like to park.

A promotional graphic of the DIGOEV parking code showing an illustration of a car
Dundas Place one-hour limit parking

Parking on Dundas Place is now under a one-hour time limit and free 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday. In the evenings between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. and on Sundays and holidays, parking on Dundas Place is unrestricted and free.

This is only applicable at legal parking areas where it is indicated with signage that parking is permissible . Anything outside will be subject to enforcement.  

Temporary Downtown "Park & Pick-Up"

To help support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the City has added more than a dozen new short-term parking spots throughout the downtown.

These “park and pick-up” spots will provide clearly identifiable locations for customers and food delivery drivers when they are making quick food and parcel pickups. New signage is being installed at locations that were identified through requests from businesses, keeping in mind both safety and convenience.

A map of park and pick-up locations downtown. For more information, please contact Parking Services at or by calling 519-661-4537


Parking tools

Parking in the snow

When snow falls in London, Parking Services needs drivers’ help to make sure roads are passable for plows to clear.

When there is enough snow on the ground to send out city plows, the Roads Operations team calls Parking Services to implement the Overnight Parking Ban. This means vehicles are not allowed to park on City streets, so that snow plows can make their way through to clear.

If you are pre-registered for an Overnight Parking Pass, Parking Services will contact you by phone call or email blast, to let you know that the ban is in place, and vehicles cannot be parked on city streets.

The registry itself will shut down, and no one will be able to register for overnight parking. When the ban is lifted, parking services will let those who had been pre-registered and notified about the ban, know that they may now resume overnight parking.

Can vehicles park on the street during the day, even if there is an overnight parking ban? Yes! This is because most of the snow plowing happens at night. Just remember to move vehicles so streets can be cleared overnight.

If there are complaints with respect to snow clearing in municipal parking lots, email and Parking Services will respond as soon as possible.

Overnight parking permit 

Overnight Parking Restriction

Overnight parking is restricted on city streets from November 1 to April 30, inclusive.

Overnight Parking Pass

Register for an overnight parking pass

Passes are available between November 1 until April 30, weather permitting for personal vehicle(s).

A maximum of 15 free passes may be issued per vehicle license plate, valid on most city streets. Vehicles parked on city streets without a valid overnight parking pass may receive a parking fine.

  • When applying for your pass before midnight, please ensure you select the next calendar day. Your pass will start at midnight.
  • When applying for your pass between midnight and 5 a.m., select the current day.
  • Overnight parking is prohibited on certain streets
  • Overnight passes cannot be used where parking is prohibited year round.
  • Overnight passes cannot be used on streets posted with “No Parking 3 -5 a.m.” signage.
  • Always confirm on-street signage before parking your vehicle.

Passes are not eligible for commercial, oversized, inoperable or unplated vehicles, boats or trailers.

Between November 1 - April 15, passes will not be issued more than 48 hours in advance.

If a snow event is forecast, a message will be posted on the overnight parking registry.

Please check before parking your vehicle if you applied for an overnight pass in advance. Parking restrictions will be enforced if there is a snow event.

Passes do not need to be printed or displayed in the vehicle.


The City of London has partnered with Honk to offer a new way to pay for parking at on-street and municipal parking lot locations.

With the Honk app, residents and visitors can seamlessly search, pay, and top up parking from a phone, tablet, or computer.

Coin operated parking meters and Pay and Display meters are also available.

How it works:

  1. Download the Honk app. Find it at, Google Play or the App Store
  2. Set up your account. Add as many vehicles and payment sources as you like to your profile
  3. Use Honk to pay for your parking in all City of London on-street locations and Municipal parking lots (City managed and owned lots are identified with a green "P" symbol)

Pay for parking using credit cards, PayPal, VISA debit and Masterpass digital wallet. Cash and credit cards are accepted at parking meters.

Learn more

Report a parking issue

To report a parking issue, contact us at:

Parking Services 519-661-4537 Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. E-mail:

When reporting a parking issue, leave a detailed description, including:

  • the exact location
  • the usual time of day you notice the parking issue
  • a description of the vehicle, including the plate, colour, and make of vehicle
  • your name and phone number

Parking Enforcement Officers will investigate all parking issues. An office may call you for more information. 

Your name will be kept confidential.


Parking rules and guidelines

Downtown parking
Pay ‘n Display Parking

Now you can pay for parking at any on-street Pay n Display parking meter and used again at any on-street Pay n Display or individual meter as long as the receipt has time remaining. The receipt must be displayed so that the expiry time is visible on the dashboard of the vehicle and parking signs must be followed.

Please note:

  • Receipts purchased at master meters in off-street City Parking lots cannot be used at on-street metered areas
  • All on-street signage must be followed
  • Note the time limits posted on each meter
  • Note the time the receipt expires
  • On-street receipts have red text indicating they are valid at all on-street metered areas only. These receipts are not valid in off-street parking lots

Need a Place to Park?

Monthly parking permits are based on availability in select Municipal lots. For availability or more information please call 519-661-4537

  • All City managed and owned lots are identified with a green “P” symbol
  • All off-street Municipal lots are unattended and are available as first come first serve
  • When parking in a municipal lot, you are required to display your permit at all times. If you do not have a permit you are required to purchase a receipt from one of the pay and display master meters located in the lot and display the receipt on your dashboard
  • If you come across a faulty meter, report the problem by calling 519-661-4537 with the meter number
Accessible parking 

Accessible parking spots are only available for vehicles operated by or carrying a person with physical disabilities. An Accessible Parking Permit (APP) issued by ServiceOntario must be displayed and must be original and current. The entire permit must be clearly visible through the windshield of the vehicle.

  • The City of London does not permit parking in prohibited areas such as "No Parking" or "No Stopping" zones.
  • An APP may be used at:
    • Any on-street meter, without depositing coinage, for up to the time limit of the meter as posted.  If the time limit is surpassed, a parking ticket will be issued for parking at an expired meter
    • In Municipal Off-Street Parking Lots that use a Pay and Display Master Meter, an APP must be displayed when parking in designated accessible spots. A daily maximum of two hours free parking is available in these designated spaces. In all other parking spaces within the lot, time must be purchased from the Master Meter and the receipt displayed on the dash of the vehicle
  • All other parking zones must be followed as posted

Please visit or phone ServiceOntario for more information on obtaining an APP.

The City of London distributes official accessible parking signs with guidelines to businesses and residential properties for the Accessibility Signage and Awareness Campaign.

Traffic and parking by-law

Learn more about traffic and parking by-law.

How do I change the parking regulations on my street?

Parking regulations may be implemented on city streets to address safety and/or capacity problems or at the request of property owners to address unique issues on their street.

If you would like the parking regulations on your street changed, please email us at


Last modified:Thursday, September 23, 2021