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The City of London has a wide range of parking regulations designed to provide safe streets and better traffic flow throughout the city. Parking Services monitors and enforces parking regulations on City streets to meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors. 


Penalty Notice (also known as a parking ticket)

Pay your penalty notice

If you receive a parking ticket, you have 15 days to pay or request a screening to dispute your ticket. If you do not choose an option within 15 days, your ticket will be affirmed.  This means the ticket will remain as is and additional fees will be added to the Penalty Notice.

 You have three options for paying your Penalty Notice (parking ticket):

  2.   Pay by mail using a cheque or money order

​​​​​​Make payable to the City Treasurer. Mail to the Corporation of the City of London, Parking Services, PO Box 5400, London, ON   N6A 4L6. Do not send cash in the mail.  Please ensure you mail your payment with sufficient time to reach the office by the 15 day deadline.

 3.      Pay in person at the Parking Services Office, 824 Dundas Street . Payment can also be placed in the drop box located at the east side of the front main entrance.

Dispute your penalty notice

Due to COVID-19 dispute screening will only be done by phone or online.  

  1. Complete the form: 
  1. Copy or scan your ownership and photo identification
  2. E-mail above information to screeningrequest@london.ca
  3. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle that was ticketed, the vehicle owner will have to sign off on a third-party agent authorization form, authorizing you to dispute the ticket on their behalf.  

    Third-party agent authorization form

Screenings will be completed as soon as possible. You will be contacted by phone or e-mail to discuss the results.


Traffic and Parking By-Law

View or download our Traffic and Parking By-law.


Report a concern

Report a parking issue

To report a parking issue, please use our online service portal.

   Step 1:  on the map, navigate to the location where the issue is occurring and click on that spot on the map to bring the address up.

   Step 2:  scroll down and describe the issue in the box provided.

Request Parking Enforcement

Or contact us by:

When reporting a parking issue, leave a detailed description, including:

  • the exact location
  • the usual time of day you notice the parking issue
  • a description of the vehicle, including the plate, colour, and make of vehicle
  • your name and phone number (optional)

Parking Enforcement Officers will investigate all parking issues. A parking services staff member may call you for more information. 

Your name will be kept confidential.

Report a faulty meter

Parking Services 519-661-4537 Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. E-mail: parkingenforcement@london.ca

Please include the location and meter number, whenever possible. A photo is also helpful.

Request to change parking regulations on your street

Parking regulations may be implemented on City streets to address safety and/or capacity problems, or at the request of property owners to address unique issues on their street.

Please email:  ParkingRegulationChangeRequest@london.ca