Vehicle for hire licensing

The City of London introduced the Vehicle for hire by-law in 2017 to better regulate taxicabs, limousines, and private vehicle for hire companies (e.g. Uber, Facedrive) to help promote a greater sense of safety for both drivers and passengers.

Please read the information below as well as the by-law before applying for a licence. 

Application details for taxi cab & limousine drivers

Complete a vehicle for hire driver licence application form.

Every application for a new driver must include:


Applicants may choose between a 12 or 24-month licence. Driver licence fees are $5/month. The associated fees are:

  • 12 months  - $60
  • 24 months - $120


Taxi cab & limousine owners

All transactions related to taxi cab and limousine plates must be conducted through email. The necessary forms are found below: 


By-law regulations
  • Regulation 1 - Amended January 29, 2020. Speaks to limousine vehicle types, conditions of vehicles
  • Regulation 2 - Amended November 18, 2018. Speaks to cab colours
  • Regulation 3 - Amended September 24, 2019. Speaks to cameras, fares, safety certificates 
  • Regulation 4 - Created Feb 6, 2019. Speaks to top lights and identification within the vehicle
Driver training

Although not required by the by-law, driver training can help develop good driver habits. Topics covered include a focus on by-law regulations, customer service, the role of enforcement, dealing with persons varying abilities, and sensitivity training. The City of London does not offer such courses but you can contact the following to inquire about training:

Bob Barker (independent) Tel 514-803-7518 or

Yellow London Taxi Tel 519-657-1111

Note: The City of London does not endorse or monitor any of the courses or instructors listed here.  These are simply provided as a courtesy.

Starting a private vehicle for hire company

Before starting and operating a vehicle for hire company, all of the below information should be read in conjunction with the by-law:

  • Speak with Service Ontario to determine if the business will operate under an individual or a company
  • A vehicle for hire broker licence is required
  • Each driver who operates within the brokerage will need complete or provide the following:
  1. Apply through the brokerage mobile app as a new driver
  2. Provide the brokerage with an Ontario Driver's Licence
  3. Provide proof of Citizenship
  4. Provide a Police Record Check and Driver's Abstract (both dated within 60 days)

All of the above driver information will need to be reviewed by the brokerage to determine if it complies with the by-law.

  • The Vehicle for Hire Broker Licence must be renewed each October, plus a $0.45/per trip fee which is to be provided to the City by the 15th of each month. Contact us for a fee breakdown. 
Working for a private vehicle for hire company

If you are currently working or plan on working for a private vehicle for hire company (e.g. Uber), all documents, inquiries, and fees should be sent through the company. The company provides the City with a list of all driver's names, driver's documents, and applicable fees. No documents or fees should be submitted to the City of London by the driver, unless otherwise specified.


Although we attempt to keep this page up-to-date, please refer to the vehicle for hire by-law, Schedule 5 - Fees for the most accurate rates.

Licence fees identified in this by-law are non-refundable.
Each fee listed below shall be charged by the City in each particular instance.

  • Driver licence- Cab, Accessible Cab, Limousine - $62 per year or $120 every two years
  • Owner licence - Class A & Class B Cab - Limousine - Class A & Class B Accessible Cab - $750 per year
  • General broker licence  - $400 per year
  • Transportation network company
Transportation Network Company(plus $0.45c per Trip)
1-50 vehicles$1 000
51-100 vehicles$5 000
101-500 vehicles$10 000
501-1000 vehicles$15 000
1000 plus vehicles$50 000
  • Replacement of owner plate or driver licence replacement  - $37
  • Cab or accessible cab priority list - $30 one-time fee
  • Request for appeal of decision of Licence Manager  - $150
File a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint against the driver of a taxi, limousine, or private vehicle for hire, first, contact the company (e.g. Checker, Yellow, UBER, Facedrive). Then contact our Licensing Office and an enforcement officer will investigate.

Submit complaints to include the following information:  

  • your name
  • your contact information
  • vehicle for hire company
  • plate number (if available)
  • detailed description of the complaint (images are welcome)

Note: We require your contact information so that the assigned By-law Enforcement Officer may contact you for further information. Your information is not public knowledge and cannot be accessed by the public.



Last modified:Tuesday, June 18, 2024