Environmental Guidelines & Strategies

London Invasive Plant Management Strategy

Invasive plants are a threat to London ecosystems, economy, social and recreational environments. As many invasive plant species lack natural enemies, they can out-compete colonies of important native vegetation, negatively altering existing ecosystem function and recreation enjoyment. To combat this issue, the City of London initiated the control of invasive species in 2006 and the London Invasive Plant Management Strategy in 2017.  London is the first city in Ontario to adopt a municipal invasive plant management strategy. 

Phragmites Management

Phragmites australis is an invasive plant species present in London, and is considered to be the worst invasive plant in Canada. The City of London is an identified leader among other municipalities and levels of government in demonstrating a proactive approach to the management of invasive species in our Parks, Woodlands and Environmentally Significant Areas (ESA's) since 2006. The City has been managing invasive Phragmites in ESAs. These efforts have expanded under the London Phragmites Management Strategy.

Last modified:Monday, March 04, 2024