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The London-Middlesex Child Care and Early Years Service System Plan serves as a road map for child care and early years planning, providing a picture of current services and opportunities for growth throughout the area between 2019-2023.

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Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement

The Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) Agreement in London and Middlesex is a transformational investment in affordable licensed child care for families across our communities. Families with children under 6 years of age in a participating licensed child care have accessed to reduced child care fees by up to 52.75%. This means families are benefiting from cost savings that immediately impact the quality of their lives.  

Licensed child care operators interested in participating in the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement can enroll through an application process and agreement with  the City of London.  

Licensed child care providers must let parents know if they are either choosing to participate or choosing not to participate in the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.   

The focus on affordability is great news for families. At the same time, the longer-term vision for the agreement goes beyond affordability to include quality, accessibility, inclusivity, and workforce support as vital components of a healthy child care and early years system in Ontario. 


Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement - FAMILIES

Participating Child Care Operators in London

As of January 2023, over 90% of licensed child care operators in London are participating the CWELCC system, including:

  • Acorn Christian Day Care Inc.
  • Arbour Glen Day Nursery
  • Blossoms Early Childhood Education Centre (East)
  • Blossoms ECE Centre (West)
  • Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Centre
  • Carrefour Communautaire Francophone de London
  • Chelsea Green Children's Centre Inc.
  • Children's Place
  • Faith Day Nursery
  • Gan-Gani Nursery School of London
  • Grand Avenue Children's Centre
  • Grosvenor Nursery School
  • Humble Beginnings Nursery School
  • Kidlogic London Inc.
  • Kids & Company Ltd.
  • KidZone Day Care Centre Inc.
  • Kinderville Gainsborough London Inc.
  • La ribambelle Centre Préscolaire francophone de London
  • LHCC Dream Weavers Day Care Inc. O/A Wee Watch
  • LHCC London Children's Connection Inc. (London and Middlesex)
  • LHCC London French Daycare
  • LHCC London Smiles Day Care Services Inc. O/A Wee Watch
  • London Bridge Child Care Services Inc.
  • London Children's Connection Inc.
  • London French Daycare Centre Inc.
  • London Gospel Temple Benevolent Corporation (Temple Tots)
  • London Muslim Mosque (London Islamic School)
  • Noah's Ark Preschool
  • Nshwaasnangong Child Care & Family Centre
  • Oak Park Co-Operative Children's Centre Inc.
  • Orchard Park Nursery School Inc.
  • Parkwood Children's Daycare Centre of London 
  • Simply Kids Inc.
  • The governing Council of The Salvation Army in Canada
  • The Kangaroo's Pouch Daycare Inc.
  • The Western Day Care Centre Inc. - Blue Heron and Emery
  • Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Centers - London
  • Village Co-operative Preschool Inc.
  • Whitehills Childcare Association
  • YMCA of Southwestern Ontario
  • Mulberry Bush Child Care Center

The City of London encourages families to reach out to their licensed child care provider with any questions they have about their participation in the CWELCC agreement. Licensed Child Care providers are required to inform families about their choice to participate or not participate in the CWELCC system.

The City of London is excited to be working with child care providers to support families accessing high-quality, affordable child care that supports healthy child development and makes the city of London the best place to raise a family


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the CWELCC System?
    1. The CWELCC System is part of an agreement with the federal and provincial governments to make child care more affordable for families. The program applies to eligible children under 6 years of age who are enrolled in participating licensed child cares.
  2. What does this mean for my family?
    1. If your family has an eligible child (under 6 years of age) enrolled in a participating licensed child care program, you will have a reduced rate for child care fees.
  3. How will I know if my child care is part of the CWELCC system?
    1. Child care providers are required to tell families if they are participating in the CWELCC system or if they are not participating.  
  4. How will I find out the what the reduced rate is for child care fees?
    1. The rates for child care fees will be provided to you by licensed child care providers, and you will pay the fees directly to them.
  5. When will the $10/day child care that has been shared in the news go into effect?
    1. The costs for licensed child care (for eligible children under 6 years of age) is expected to reach a provincial average of $10/day by March 31, 2026.
  6. What happens if I change to a different child care provider?
    1. It will be important to find out if the new child care provider is part of the CWELCC system and what rate they will charge for your child to attend their centre.  

      Not all licensed child care providers have opted into the program. This means that they will not have the same reductions that the CWELCC system is offering.

  7. How will families that are part of the Child Care Fee Subsidy program find out about their rebate?
    1. The City of London will send you a letter that outlines daily fee that you will pay to your child care provider.
  8. What happens when my child turns 6?
    1. Reduced fees are available for children until the end of the month they turn 6, or June 30 if they turn 6 before the end of their kindergarten school year and are in an eligible program.  Your child will be required to pay the non-CWELCC full fee the first of the month following their 6 birthday.
Fall 2023 Call Out for CWELCC Directed Growth - OPERATORS

The Fall 2023 Call Out for Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Directed Growth for London-Middlesex has launched, with a closing date of January 4,  2024.  

If you are opening licensed child care spaces in the City of London, please email to request a Fall 2023 Directed Growth Call Out package. If you are opening licensed child care spaces in the County of Middlesex, please email to request a Fall 2023 Directed Growth Call Out package. Please include your name, email, phone number and the address of site you are interested in expanding licensed child care spaces. For licensed home agencies, please identify your head office address.

Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) Directed Growth Strategy 

After the implementation of the CWELCC system in 2022, the City of London, as the Service System Manager and in partnership with Middlesex County, initiated a five-year plan aimed at expanding licensed child care services in London and Middlesex. 

The Ministry of Education and the City in consultation with Middlesex County, have jointly established a target of creating 2,889 new Licensed Child Care spaces within London and Middlesex by 2026. This target encompasses both licensed centre-based and licensed home-based child care spaces. In line with provincial directives, growth of the CWELCC system will be directed towards generating affordable child care spaces in planning districts that have demonstrable need and in programs that support vulnerable and or underserved populations.  

The Call Out process serves as a means for individuals or organizations to outline not only the quantity and locations of their proposed new child care spaces, but also to detail their strategies for ensuring that these spaces are accessible and inclusive for various groups. These groups include low-income children, vulnerable children, children from diverse communities, children with special needs, Francophone, Black children, and Indigenous children.  

The City of London and the County of Middlesex will review submissions to evaluate how applicants intend to support accessibility and inclusion, the chosen site's demographics, and its prioritization based on key indicators. This assessment ensures alignment with the City of London and County Middlesex initial targets, data, analysis, and plans.

Fall 2023 Call Out for CWELCC Directed Growth Process

  1. Interested applicants within London contact and in Middlesex contact to express interest in opening additional CWELCC child care spaces.
  2. London or Middlesex will provide parties who have expressed an interest in opening in London and/or Middlesex a Fall 2023 Call Out package via email address.  The Fall 2023 CallOut package is designed to accommodate one or more child care program/site within a submission. All packages must be complete for the submission to be reviewed by the City of London and the County of Middlesex. Incomplete submissions will be returned without review. 
  3. The applicant submits the completed Fall 2023 Call Out package.
    1. For London sites, applicants must submit to
    2. For Middlesex County sites, applicants must submit to
  4. The City and the County will review the applicant's submission for financial viability, misuse of funds, and alignment with the Service System Plan's directed growth strategy. The reviewer may contact applicants with any questions they have about the submission.
  5. Based on the submission by the applicant, the SSM provides advice to Ministry of Education via the Child Care Licensing System under the applicant's new license request or licensing revision request. If the applicant has not submitted a licensing application via the Child Care Licensing System, the SSM will review the submission but cannot provide CWELCC advice to the Ministry of Education until an application for a license has been submitted.

Please Note: The advice provided by the SSM is based on information known at the time and does not constitute a decision or promise made for CWELCC eligibility or funding. Applicants remain responsible for working with the Ministry of Education to complete the provincial licensing requirements to obtain a license.

  1. If the advice provided via the Child Care Licensing System indicates "Approve", upon receiving an updated or new license for the net new spaces, the licensee must submit updated information at the request of the City or County to verify eligibility to enter a CWELCC agreement.
  2. If the licensee meets all other criteria at the time of licensing and there is available funding, the licensee will be requested to provide additional information to determine allocations and a copy of CWELCC agreement will be provided for review to the licensee.

While the City and County are supportive of licensees applying for the CWELCC Directed Growth Strategy spaces, it's important to note that we are required to maintain the ratio of not-for-profit to for-profit spaces as Service System. As a result of this, only a limited number of these spaces can be designated for for-profit operations. Recognizing the need for child care expansion within, and beyond, the CWELCC, the City of London and Middlesex County are committed to exploring potential avenues nurturing child care growth within London-Middlesex.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment will consider the following criteria when providing advice to the Ministry of Education. Advice to the Ministry does not constitute a promise to fund any licensee.

  1. The applicant demonstrates through its policies and practices its commitment to access, inclusion, and diversity .
  2. The applicant has implemented strategies to support a workforce that has the capacity to respond to the diverse needs of families .
  3. The applicant has demonstrated understanding of the requirements of the Child Care and Early Years Act .
  4. The proposal aligns with the needs of families and the community based on demographic data. 
  5. The applicant is proposing to operate in communities that have highest priority.
  6. The applicant has demonstrated proficiency in maintaining effective and efficient business practices, including financial viability.
  7. The auspice of the applicant.

Please Note: Applicants are expected to provide clear evidence of how they meet the criteria noted above.

Who should submit?

Any applicant who intends to create new licensed child care spaces between 2023 and 2026 in the City of London or the County of Middlesex and would like to participate in the CWELCC system.

This includes individuals and/or organizations who are:

  • Non-profit or for-profit licensees, including licensed before and after school providers with CWELCC service agreements for four- and five-year old children.
  • Licensees who provide child care in schools and/or centres.
  • Licensed home child care agencies.
  • School boards that directly deliver licensed child care and/or licensed extended day programs.
  • Licensees currently in a service agreement with the City of London and/or County of Middlesex.
  • Licensees not currently in a service agreement with the City of London or the County of Middlesex.
  • CWELCC-participating and non-participating licensees.
  • Licensees planning a licensing revision in a site already enrolled in CWELCC.
  • Individuals or organizations who are planning to operate a licensed child care centre in London or the County of Middlesex and have submitted a licensing request through the Ministry of Education.

Please Note:

  • If you have not submitted a licensing application for the identified site, your submissions will be reviewed in the context of all applications.
  • Child care centres expanding in schools are NOT eligible to apply for start-up grant funding.

Submission Evaluation

In submitting an Information Collection Form and the associated documents, the applicant agrees that it shall accept the decision of the City of London or County of Middlesex as to whether a submission meets the requirements. The submitted Information Collection Forms and associated documents will be reviewed and evaluated by the City of London and/or County of Middlesex staff. As part of the process, licensees may be required to attend an interview with the review team. The City of London or the County of Middlesex reserves the right to seek clarification and request additional information, documentation, and statements from applicants in relation to the Information Collection Form and associated documents.

Funding Allocation and Criteria

Approval and funding to support the creation of new CWELCC participating licensed child care spaces or to renovate existing space in not automatic or guaranteed. The City of London and County of Middlesex reserve the right to deny any application and/or licensee that does not meet the required criteria. The City of London and the County of Middlesex also reserve the right to deny any child care funding to a licensee based on eligibility criteria, funding availability and/or misalignment with service system planning.




Child Care Fee Subsidy Program

Fee subsidy supports eligible families with the cost of child care expenses by paying all or a portion of the total cost, as funding permits. 


Child Care and Early Years Resources for Parents

Ontario Childcare Tax Credit Information

The Ontario Childcare Tax Credit was recently introduced by the Ontario government. This new tax credit will provide about 300,000 families with up to 75 percent of their eligible child care expenses, and allow families to access a broad range of child care options, including care in centres, homes and camps.

Visit the Ontario Childcare Tax Credit page on for to find out about eligibility requirements, eligible expenses, how to claim and to request more information.

This information is also available to you in French.

Questions about the Ontario Childcare Tax Credit should be directed to the Canada Revenue Agency:


Ministry of Education Early Years Resources


Middlesex London Health Unit Parenting Videos

Locally created short videos can help parents with a variety of topics that include: technology and your child, sexual health, mental health, growth and development, substance misuse, and family meals.  View them on the Middlesex London Health Unit website.


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