Area speed limits

A graphic of a traffic speed limit sign in the shape of a heart with "Maximum 40" posted on it. For more information or assistance, please contact

The City of London is implementing an Area Speed Limits program lowering speed limits on roads with high levels of pedestrian and cycling activity. 

Lower speed limits make our streets safer for all road users. The City of London is continuing to implement Vision Zero Road Safety Strategy initiatives that work towards calmer streets, and will continue to monitor the use of streets to determine when and where additional safety measures might be needed.

Certain neighbourhood streets now have speed limit reductions to 40 kilometers an hourThis program does not impact the speed limit of major roads bordering the area.

The City of London has also reduced speeds in the following locations:

  • Dundas Place: The speed limit on Dundas Place, London’s flexible street from Ridout to Wellington Streets downtown, was lowered to 30 kilometres an hour to support shared use of the space and improve safety for all road users.
  • School zones: Speed limits of 40 kilometres an hour have been implemented in school zones.
Last modified:Tuesday, April 09, 2024