Commissioners Road West Realignment Environmental Assessment


Commissioners Road West is a major street with identified safety issues for all road users. The road has a steep hill that makes cycling and walking difficult, impedes public transit and slows down emergency vehicles. 

Through this Environmental Assessment, the project team looked at the possibility of realigning Commissioners Road west at the intersection of Springbank Drive and Byron Baseline Road to Cranbrook Road.

The team explored a variety of planning solutions to address the challenges in the area. Through the Environmental Study Report, the team ultimately recommended realigning Commissioners Road West through the Byron Gravel Pit – a recommendation that was supported by the 2030 Transportation Master Plan, the City’s Cycling Master Plan and the London Plan.

The recommendation was selected as the preferred solution for its ability to do the following, among other factors:

  • remove the existing steep road grade by closing the existing Commissioners Road West and providing a new alignment
  • improve safety for all road users
  • improve access for emergency services
  • provide an opportunity to provide transit service in the area
  • accommodate active transportation (ie. a multi-use path)

Construction of the realignment is not expected to be imminent, however, the study was critical to establishing an initial road alignment and preliminary property requirements for an upcoming secondary plan.

Current status

The Environmental Assessment is now complete, and Council approved the plan in 2018.

Study Area

The study area was the Commissioners Road intersection with Springbank Drive/Byron Baseline Road, extending through the Byron Pit to the Commissioners Road/Cranbrook Drive intersection. The Environmental Study Report recommended at realigning Commissioners Road through the Byron Gravel Pit. For more information, please contact Ted Koza by emailing or calling 519-661-2489 extension 7379


Project Timeline

2016: Start of the Environmental Assessment

The City sent out a notice of commencement to residents, business owners and interested stakeholders to notify them of the Environmental Assessment's start.

March 2017: First Public Information Session

A Public Information Centre was scheduled for March 2017 at Byron Optimist Community Centre. Members of the public, review agencies, Aboriginal Communities and interested parties were encouraged to attend. They provided comments specific to the potential realignment of Commissioners Road West to the project team, which were critical to the development of this environmental assessment.

November 2017: Second Public Information Session

A Public Information Centre was scheduled for November 2017 at Byron Optimist Community Centre. The team provided all interested parties with an update on the project and listened to feedback that was critical to shaping the recommendations provided by the Environmental Study Report.

September 2018: Environmental Study Report completed

The Environmental Assessment is now complete, and Council approved the plan in 2018.

Last modified:Friday, April 12, 2024