How can I help? What do I do?

As a team, we hear from residents asking how they can help. There are lots of ways residents, community organizations and agencies can help the vulnerable population of London. And every little bit helps.

Craig Cooper,  Director of Housing Stability Services, Social and Health Development

How Can I Help?


  • One of the most productive and helpful ways to aid individuals facing or experiencing homelessness is to volunteer and join forces with a well-established organization. As a volunteer you receive ‘on-the-job’ training and will be able to learn from those who are making a difference in our community.
  • London Cares, London Food Bank and Mission Services of London are only a few of many community organizations that are doing great work in London. To view a wide variety of organizations, faith-based groups and volunteer opportunities, visit or Pillar Nonprofit Network.  The "Help Yourself Through Hard Times" is also a great resource to find volunteer opportunities.


  • Donations to well-established, reputable organizations in our community, like food banks and shelters, allow for the organization to continue providing necessary services to our City's most vulnerable populations.


  • Many London missions and shelters are always looking for clothing donations, along with feminine hygiene products and everyday necessities. You can also contact your local shelter and ask if they have any specific needs like first aid kits, blankets, toys, notebooks etc.
  • Every little bit of #LdnKindness counts and can make a big impact in someone's life.

Offer a Service:

  • Do you have a specific skill that you can share? Maybe you’re a hairdresser or barber who can find some time in their chair for a fresh shave or haircut? Maybe you’re tutor who could spare a few hours helping a struggling youth with some homework? Or maybe, you’re a great baker who can drop off your famous banana bread to a local food bank. There are lots of ways to help our fellow Londoners.

Talk to the Team:

  • Our team would love to hear from you if you have an idea or suggestion to help move towards a shared solution to London homelessness. You can reach the team by emailing or calling 519-661-CITY

Take the Lead:

  • There are many ways you can help end homelessness in London and one of those ways is to take the lead on a community project. Maybe you are a member of a community organizations or a faith-based group who has the resources to facilitate a new initiative to help those living unsheltered or at risk of experiencing homelessness. There are always needs and gaps in the system where Londoners can help fill in. Reach out to the team if you have an idea or able to help. Give the team a call at 519-661-1852 or email them at

Be a Housing Provider:

  • Having the ability to offer affordable, transitional and permanent housing to individuals and families at risk of or experiencing homelessness is a great way to help with the homelessness crisis our community is facing. If you are a landlord or property owner who can help, please reach out the homeless prevention team to learn more about the programs and services available for housing providers.



What Do I Do?

What do I do if i come across an urban encampment?

  • Many individuals living unsheltered in our city take to setting up ‘camps’ with tents or tarps. These encampments pose many health and safety issues for all Londoners. If you come across an encampment, please reach out to the Coordinated Informed Response team at 519-661-4570

What do I do if I see someone in distress?

  • In some situations, an individual or group of individuals experiencing homelessness or living unsheltered may demonstrate distressing, disruptive and/or unpredictable behaviours. If you come across an individual causing harm to themselves, others or property, please call 911.
  • If someone appears to be living unsheltered or in need of support, call London Cares, our community outreach agency, at 519-667-2273. These dedicated team members are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Tip:  Program London Cares number into your cell phone and you’ll have it when you need it.

What do I do if someone asks me for money?

  • To give or not to give is really a personal choice. If you are not comfortable with giving, then donating to a licensed organization that supports services and programs is always a good way to support the cause.

What do I do if I come across a needle on private property?

What do I do if I come across discarded needles or drug paraphernalia in the community?

  • If you come across needles and other drug paraphernalia on our city’s streets and in our communities, please call 519-661-2489 ext. 4965. This phone line is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also report your concern through Service London portal.




Last modified:Wednesday, October 18, 2023