City of London Community Grants Program

Multi-Year Grants (2024-2027) Program

The application portal for the 2024-2027 Multi Year Grants is now closed.  The review process in currently underway.  Funding allocations will be added to this webpage in Spring 2024.

The City of London’s Multi-Year Grants Program has $2.3 million in funding available, which provides financial support to London-based not-for-profit organizations and community groups to implement programs, with funding provided for up to four years. 

Applicants can request funding for programs and services operating within the City of London for London residents, including those related to counselling, mentorship, basic needs, social services, recreation, the environment, youth leadership and cultural activities; as well as programs supporting equity-denied groups, children, youth and older adults.

All grant applications are assessed based on their alignment with the City’s Strategic Plan or Council-directed emerging priorities, a demonstrated need for the project in the community, the cost and effectiveness of the project and the project’s contribution to the quality of life in the community. Organizations that are not registered not-for-profits can still apply by partnering with a registered not-for-profit organization who can host the application.

Innovation and Capital Grants Program

The 2023 Innovation and Capital Grants allocations have been completed.

Each year, the City of London provides $496,000 through this funding opportunity for London based not-for-profit organizations and groups who are expanding programs, services or facilities that support London residents.

All grant applications are assessed based on a demonstrated need for the project in the community, the cost and effectiveness of the project, the project’s contribution to the quality of life in the community and alignment with the City’s Strategic Plan or Council-directed emerging priorities.

Applications are accepted from London based incorporated not-for-profit organizations or non-incorporated groups that are hosted by a local not-for-profit. 

What are Innovation grants?

Innovation grants are provided to new, emerging organizations and/or initiatives that engage in one or more of the following:

  • New idea: Proven or promising early-stage innovations that need additional support to create the capacity and conditions to be effectively sustained.
  • Collaboration: new emerging organizations, initiatives or collaborations that engage in dynamic community partnerships and innovative improvements to service delivery and system collaboration.
  • Transformation of service delivery:  creative new approaches to social innovation that engage multiple stakeholders in creative collaboration to improve service delivery, and/or coordination or provide the opportunity for a sector to do things differently.

Applications under this category will be assessed for ongoing program sustainability. The applicant must demonstrate a clear plan for how the proposed program will be funded after the 12-month term of the grant.

Review previously funded Innovation projects in the annual Funding Allocation tabs below.

What are Capital grants? 

Capital grants are provided for projects involving construction or the purchase of physical assets, including, but not limited to, land, building and associated renovation costs. Applications to the Capital category will be considered for the following:

  • Purchase of land and buildings: Grants are made in this category only when the purchase is required for the immediate capital project.
  • Construction costs: Grants in this category will be for costs associated with new facilities or renovation costs associated with the provision of additional program/service space.

Review previously funded Capital projects in the annual Funding Allocation tabs below.

Important resources

City of London Community Grants Program Allocations 2020-2023: 

2020-2023 Multi-Year Funding Allocations
  • Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex · Funding will support the Dementia Friendly Community Program which offers dementia training and resources across multi-sectoral areas including: retail, financial, recreation, municipal services, and healthcare etc. in order to educate the public of dementia awareness. Funding allocated: $152,000            
  • Anova · Funding will support sexual assault counselling which provides support and intervention services to women that have experienced sexual violence, as well as their families, and partners. Funding allocated: $190,000
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area · Funding will support the Community-Based Ethno-Racial Child & Youth Mentoring Project which focuses on matching newcomer children, youth, and mothers with supportive mentoring relationships that meet their unique cultural needs. Funding allocated: $190,000
  • Boys & Girls Club of London · Funding will support seniors programming, children and youth recreation, social, and nutrition programs, children and youth education, and leadership initiatives. Funding allocated: $1,449,000
  • Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex · Funding will support the Coordinated Service Response for the Crystal Methamphetamine Project which will create a system of care, training, and resources for those servicing people involved with crystal methamphetamine such as first responders, health care and social service workers, enforcement personnel, and business owners. Funding allocated: $197,462
  • Carolinian Canada Coalition · Funding will support the In Zone Climate-Smart Yards which will deliver a training program for businesses, neighbourhood leaders, green programs and ambassadors. The program will build capacity and provide tools and mentorship to increase the number of climate- smart people, businesses, and sites in London, as a model for the Carolinian Zone. Funding allocated: $51,000
  • Craigwood Children, Youth and Family Services (hosting INsite Program) · Funding will support the INsite program providing immediate, onsite counselling and referrals to community resources and services. INsite serves individuals, parents, children, youth, couples or the entire family across the lifespan. As core partners work together, there are seamless transitions between agencies and across sectors. The clinic teams have integrated their knowledge, expertise, and capacity to achieve the INsite goal of system change. INsite is a partnership of six agencies: Anova, Craigwood Children, Youth and Family Services, Family Service Thames Valley, Vanier Children’s Services, WAYS Mental Health Support, and Women’s Rural Resource Centre. Funding allocated: $95,000
  • Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre · Funding will support programs for children, youth, families, and older adults in the Hamilton Road area including basic needs programs and supports, community development, and youth leadership. Funding allocated: $418,000
  • Daya Counselling Centre · Funding will support subsidies to individuals, couples, and families in financial need who are struggling with mental health related issues to access counselling services. Funding allocated: $95,000
  • Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre · Funding will support programs for children, youth, families, and older adults in the Glen Cairn/Pond Mills area including basic needs programs and supports, community development, and youth leadership. Funding allocated: $238,000
  • Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes · Funding will support the Impact Loan Program which is a microloan program that provides low-income entrepreneurs facing barriers to traditional financing, the opportunity to access capital and business knowledge in a supported environment in order to start and grow a business. Funding allocated: $21,575
  • Growing Chefs! Ontario · Funding will support the Growing Communities program which encourages community members to cultivate a connection with the local food system, participate in activities to increase food literacy, cooking skills, and promote longlasting healthy food choices in partnership with schools, neighbourhood centres, and community program providers in locations across the city. Funding allocated: $133,000
  • L'Arche London · Funding will support a Program Coordinator to build capacity and growth for day programming services, provide client intake, assessment and match needs for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Funding allocated: $102,000
  • Learning Disabilities Association of London Region · Funding will support programming, individual coaching, advocacy, and community resources for children and youth with learning disorders. Funding allocated: $57,000
  • London & Middlesex Heritage Museum · Funding will support Fanshawe Pioneer Village Community History Interpretive Program which offers community-focused historical exhibitions and instructive programs. Funding will also support the Museum to build Indigenous content and engaging and strengthening relationships with Indigenous leaders and communities. Funding allocated: $1,004,000
  • London Abused Women's Centre · Funding will support a designated counsellor to address the increased number of walk-in, phone-in, and urgent support needs for abused, sexually-exploited, and trafficked women and girls. Funding allocated: $170,000
  • London Children's Museum · Funding will support children, families and caregivers with access to affordable hands-on learning experiences, cultural exhibits and programs in a distinctly childcentered environment. Youth leadership programs provide opportunities to build skills and provide work related experience for future careers in education, child care and museum curating. Funding allocated: $631,124
  • London Community Dental Alliance · Funding will support a not-for-profit dental clinic, offering oral health to low-income Londoners, scheduled to open in 2021 in the Glen Cairn neighbourhood. Funding allocated: $99,750
  • London Cycle Link Association · Funding will support the Squeaky Wheel Bike Co-op which provides a bike repair shop, access to tools, and builds community through satellite community events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. In addition, funding will support increased community engagement and knowledge through awareness, workshops, events, shared skills, and ridership. Funding allocated: $190,000
  • London Environmental Network · Funding will support the Environmental Incubator which provides coaching and supports to organizations looking to improve their environmental outcomes related to waste reduction, recycling, protecting and enhancing waterways, wetlands, natural areas, energy reduction, and conservation. Funding allocated: $170,000
  • London Youth Advisory Council · Funding will support the Youth Council to recruit, orient, and support elected youth who are engaged in municipal politics and grassroots community engagement. Funding allocated: $170,000
  • Low Income Family Empowerment*Sole-support Parents Information Network (LIFE*SPIN) · Funding will support the Community Service Expansion project to increase service hours and provide enhanced programming, and counselling to low-income Londoners. Funding allocated: $34,200
  • LUSO Community Services · Funding will support programs for children, youth, families, and older adults in the Carling/Huron Heights/Argyle area including basic needs programs and supports, community development, youth leadership while increasing social connectedness, neighbourhood participation, and volunteerism. Funding allocated: $285,000
  • Nokee Kwe · Funding will support the Positive Voice Program which provides programming, supports, and training for women using art, culture, and creativity to generate positive conversations and displays as well as a safer experience for Indigenous women living in London. Northwest London Resource Centre · Funding will support programs for children, youth, families, and older adults in the northwest area including basic needs programs and supports, community development, youth leadership while increasing social connectedness, neighbourhood participation, and volunteerism. Funding allocated: $171,000
  • Northwest London Resource Centre · Funding will support programs for children, youth, families, and older adults in the northwest area including basic needs programs and supports, community development, youth leadership while increasing social connectedness, neighbourhood participation, and volunteerism. Funding allocated: $204,252
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network · Funding will support the Engaged Vibrant Community project which provides workshops, forums, and learning series' to the not-for-profit sector in order to build capacity around: Board Governance, Leadership Development, and communities of practice addressing emerging needs such as the Truth and Reconciliation Report Calls to Action. Funding allocated: $171,000
  • ReForest London · Funding will support programs, workshops and volunteer skill development at the new four building, 14 acre, Westminster Ponds Centre for Environment & Sustainability. Funding allocated: $285,000
  • SafeSpace London · Funding will support increased programming including: health promotion, harm reduction, peer support, basic needs resources, and support programs for Street-Level Sex Workers. Funding allocated: $57,000
  • Satellite Project Space (hosted by Museum London) · Funding will support promotion, community outreach, audience development, and enhanced mentorship of a Satellite Project Space. In partnership with Fanshawe College, Museum London, and Western University, the Satellite Project Space provides a flexible space for new and temporary projects, collaborations, educational initiatives and experiments in arts and culture involving high school and post-secondary students, community members, curators, and professional artists. Funding allocated: $22,800
  • South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre · Funding will programs for children, youth, families, and older adults in the White Oaks/Westminster/Westmount areas including basic needs programs and supports, community development, youth leadership while increasing social connectedness, neighbourhood participation, and volunteerism. Funding allocated: $452,000
  • The London Cross-Cultural Learner Centre · Funding will support the “Neighbourhood Celebration of Nations”, a one day event of sports, music, food, and activities focused on civic engagement, improving health and well-being, and the inclusion and integration of newcomers into the London community. Funding allocated: $38,000
  • The London Multicultural Community Association · Funding will support the London Multi-Cultural Festival which is a one day event showcasing London’s cultural communities and ethic talents. The event will increase community connections, and support a welcoming community. Funding allocated: $27,200
  • The N'Amerind (London) Friendship Centre Inc. · Funding will support the Dorothy Day Resource Centre which offers a wide range of Indigenous teachings of cultural significance. Teachings include: making cultural products, learning cultural dances, and sharing through Knowledge Keepers. These programs support increasing awareness, self-esteem, wellness, and a sense of belonging of urban Indigenous people. Funding allocated: $340,000
  • University Students' Council of the University of Western Ontario · Funding will support the annual Early Outreach Conference which supports Grade 7 and 8 students from low-income neighbourhoods attend Western and Fanshawe to learn about post-secondary education opportunities and supports. Funding allocated: $38,000
  • Urban Roots London · Funding will support the new Urban Roots Farm Manager/Community Developer who will facilitate on-farm volunteering, educational programs, increased farm production, and build/manage a wholesale client base. Urban Roots is a not-forprofit urban farm on recuperated land that supplies healthy, local, and accessibly priced food. Funding allocated: $119,000
  • Vanier Children's Services · Funding will support Integrated, Neighbourhood Based, School-Aged Mental Health Services which will provide informal mental health consultations to families and staff who are participating in school aged programs at Family Centres. Funding allocated: $152,000
  • Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada (VON) · Funding will support the School Spring Vegetable and Fruit Delivery Program which provides bulk purchased and volunteer delivered fresh food, five days a week for eight weeks to targeted schools in need. VON is the lead organization for the Ontario School Nutrition Program in the Southwest Region of Ontario. Funding allocated: $133,000
  • Western Education - Child and Youth Development Clinic, Western University · Funding will support subsidies so that low-income children, youth, and families can access clinical mental health assessment and intervention services. Funding allocated: $95,000
  • WIL Counselling and Training for Employment (hosting Immploy) · Funding will support the Immploy Job Match program which provides London employers coordinated access to qualified immigrant talent for local job opportunities. Job Match recruits, screens, and matches immigrant job seekers to local employers seeking specialized skills. Funding allocated: $204,000
  • WIL Counselling and Training for Employment Sector Council (hosting Employment Sector Council) · Funding will support the Employment Sector Council to share employment sector information, promote best practices, and support labour market development. The Job Developers Network shares information, resources, job opportunities and potential candidates across organizations connecting employers and job seekers to collectively strengthen community-based workforce development. Funding allocated: $119,825
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited · Funding will support programs that assist youth in exiting and/or diverting homelessness. Cornerstone Housing provides basic needs, primary health care, housing support, mental health services, and employment counselling in a safe and secure home for youth living on site and a safe space for youth seeking support. Funding allocated: $437,000
2023 Innovation & Capital Funding Allocations

Capital Funding Allocations

  • Humana Community Services (Access to Education for Vulnerable Youth): Funding will support renovations to provide learning space on site at the treatment home. This space will provide access to education as an integral part of treatment plans for children and youth who cannot attend traditional school for a variety of reasons. The classroom will also serve as a meeting and training space and provide opportunities for quiet, one-to-one sessions with workers, families, and youth outside of school hours. Funding allocated: $60,794
  • St. John The Baptist Melkite Catholic Church (Community Facility Improvement): Funding will support renovations to increase space for cultural events, activities and program delivery with community partners serving low income and newcomer residents. Funding allocated: $38,246

Innovation Funding Allocations

  • Canadian Hearing Services (First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation [CPR] Training in American Sign Language [ASL]): Funding will support the delivery of first aid and CPR training to individuals who use ASL as their first language. Training will be delivered by specially trained ASL Deaf certified first aid instructors. This London program will be the first of its kind in Canada. Funding allocated: $8,209
  • Gan-Gani Nursery School of London (Intergenerational Art Program for Seniors): Funding will support an intergenerational art program bringing together seniors and pre-school age children from the Gan-Gani daycare.  The program will create a sense of community, build relationships and allow the sharing of life experiences through storytelling. Funding allocated: $15,000
  • London Children's Museum (The Limberlost Road Outreach Initiative): Funding will support a new partnership with the London Community Chaplaincy and address access barriers for low-income, underserved families through neighbourhood-based delivery.  Monthly programs will include hands-on STEAM activities, as well as private visits to the museum location. Funding allocated: $27,800
  • London Community Chaplaincy (Boys Community Connecting and Mentoring Program): Funding will support a new partnership with Camp Kee Mo Kee to deliver a youth leadership and mentoring program at both Chaplaincy locations (Southdale and Limberlost). The program will provide activities, mentorship and new opportunities for tween boys who are struggling with behaviour in school and in the communities. Funding allocated: $14,500
  • London Environmental Network (Sustainable Affordable Housing Feasibility and Design): Funding will support a feasibility study and design for a carbon-sequestering, sustainable and affordable 4 to 8 unit multi-plex. Working with community partners and education institutions the study and design project will provide a meaningful, leading green building template to be used for affordable student housing and community sustainability initiatives in the future. Funding allocated: $21,750
  • Nokee Kwe (First Employ for Business Reconciliation): Funding will support a collaboration with local business and the London Chamber of Commerce to assess the current state of businesses’ reconciliation efforts and develop tools and resources to attract and retain Indigenous talent as a means of engaging in community reconciliation. The objective is to increase cultural safety for the Indigenous workforce through improved hiring and workplace practices with the lens of employment services providers. Funding allocated: $44,000
  • Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (Reclaiming Our Safety: Combating Gendered Islamophobia): Funding will support the development a group healing program for Muslim women/girls responding to harms of gendered Islamophobia including creating a space for personal and collective healing, as well as bystander intervention training specifically addressing Gendered Islamophobia for individuals who are not Muslim women/girls. Funding allocated: $80,998
  • Muslim Wellness Network (Mentorship Program): Funding will support the implementation of a mentorship program providing a safe and nurturing environment to access supports and resources for Muslim youth experiencing social, economic and mental health challenges, often faced due to stigma, cultural barriers, and systemic discrimination. Funding allocated: $60,000
  • Now for Tomorrow; A South Sudanese Wellness Network (Youth Programs): Funding will support the implementation of a music and dance program for South Sudanese youth providing a positive environment for participants to express themselves, engage in productive activities, celebrate culture, build confidence, and develop a sense of identity through belonging and community.  Funding allocated: $66,657
  • Participation House Support Services (London and Area PHSS Social 2.0): Funding will support a program for young adults with developmental, medical and complex physical needs to participate in a variety of community activities with support staff based on individual interests and abilities allowing them the opportunity to reach their full potential, build confidence, make friends and foster a sense of community. Funding allocated: $30,000
  • WeBridge Community Services (Black Senior’s Day Program): Funding will support a weekly free adult day program for Black seniors providing supports from Black professionals from various areas of practice including social work, personal support, and nursing allowing seniors to participate in social, health and wellness activities. Funding allocated: $28,000
2022 Innovation & Capital Funding Allocations

Capital Funding Allocations

  • John Howard Society of London and District (Enhancing Productivity and Confidentiality Project)Funding will support the installation of soundproof ceiling tiles, drywall and updated lighting in offices and meeting areas to provide greater access to confidential environments for clients and to increase volunteer and community engagement opportunities. Funding allocated: $24,000.
  • ReForest London (Opening New Doors: Expanding Capacity at Westminster Ponds Centre)Funding will support renovations to the Bruce and Peth Pavilions, increasing program and accessible space for additional community workshops, presentations, and volunteer training. The project will also set the foundation for a new dedicated space for urban forestry programming and ReForest London operations at the Westminster Ponds Centre. Funding allocated: $132,000.
  • The Reimagine Institute for Community Sustainability (Program Space Renovation): Funding will support renovations to the community hub and education space at Reimagine Co., which houses the Thing Library, environmental education, and Food Equity London programs adjacent to the Reimagine Co. package-free grocery store. Funding allocated: $24,500. 
  • Urban Roots London (Processing and Storage Infrastructure)​​​​​​: Funding will support the purchase and retrofitting of a shipping container for a new processing facility with distinct cold storage sections and upgrades to the urban farm utility infrastructure (hydro and water). Funding allocated: $34,600
  • YMCA of Southwestern Ontario (Centre Branch Gymnasium Refurbishment): Funding will support renovations to the gym floor providing a safe and accessible program space for numerous sport and recreational programs and expanded availability to other organizations. Funding allocated: $40,000

Innovation Funding Allocations

  • Across Languages Translation and Interpretation Service (InterSight: Reinventing our Multilingual Community)​​​​​​: Funding will support the development of an application that connects local InterSight interpreters virtually to clients engaging with emergency doctors, police officers, shelter and outreach workers, and mental health professionals. Funding allocated: $75,400.
  • Alzheimer Society of London and Middlesex (Volunteer Collective)​​​​​​: Funding will support community organizations to deliver the dementia training program to community volunteers supporting caregivers and individuals living with dementia to increase access to recreation and social programs. Funding allocated: $47,411.
  • Centre Communautaire Regional De London (City of London Francophone Ethnocultural Activities): ​​​​​​Funding will support Francophone Ethnocultural programs and access to community activities and services to assist local newcomers integrate into the London community. Funding allocated: $68,043.
  • The London Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse, hosted by Anova (The Safe Haven Project): Funding will support a trauma and violence-informed training and support program for existing and non-traditional landlords, building awareness of the unique barriers faced by women escaping violence. The funding will also aim to increase safe and quality housing for women through relationship building with traditional and non-traditional landlords. Funding allocated: $50,000. 
2021 Innovation & Capital Funding Allocations

Capital Funding Allocations

  • Boys’ & Girls’ Club of London (Gym Improvement)Funding will support the refurbishing of the gymnasium floor, providing increased recreational opportunities for children, youth, seniors, families, and community partners. The new gym floor will offer more functional space that will allow more recreation and sport activities and increase physical activity participation of members and visitors. Funding allocated: $35,000
  • Southwest Aboriginal Health Access Centre (Nshwaasnangong Child Care and Family Centre) Funding will support the installation of the security system at the Child Care and Family Centre, providing a safe and secure place for children and families to gather and learn. Funding allocated: $80,000

Innovation Funding Allocations

  • Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association / Black London Network (Black London Network Outreach Program) Funding will support virtual workshops and lessons for children and youth on Black confidence, leadership, current events, Black history, culture, and music.  Sessions will feature Black leaders, historians, and activists, strengthening Black history education and fostering increased engagement and a sense of inclusion for London’s Black communities. Funding allocated: $87,511
  • Nigerian Association of London and Area (Mental Health Programming for Racialized Londoners) Funding will support the delivery of a range of dignified, inclusive, and compassionate mental health and addiction services, supports, and educational programs for racialized communities. Community partnerships and referrals with service providers will be strengthened through collaboration and education opportunities. Funding allocated: $43,000
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network (Mobilizing for an Inclusive Economy & Community) Funding will support the development of Equity & Inclusion Reflection and Framework and Toolkits. Resources will be co-created with equity serving organizations that have lived experience and systems expertise to develop, test, and implement a racial and gender+ equity lens framework and toolkits, which can be applied at the citizen, organizational, and community level. Funding allocated: $35,000
  • ReForest London (Seed Hub & Community Tree Nursery Development) Funding will support the implementation of London’s first native tree seed program and community nursery.  Based on best practices, the program develops the seed inventory, recruits and trains volunteers and conducts seeding activities across the city. Funding allocated: $32,350
  • Thames Region Ecological Association (TREA) (The London Thing Library)The London Thing Library is a community space where Londoners can access household tools, equipment, and training to share, repair, create, and learn together. The library provides a low-cost, circular economy approach for residents, reducing barriers to accesses tools and workshops while increasing environmental awareness. Funding allocated: $34,500
  • The Congress of Black Women Ontario Inc. (Future Smart Youth Program) Funding will support the development of a program for London youths to enhance social, personal, and career life skills.  The program will be designed with the consciousness of the challenges that marginalized youth have experienced and will better equip them to be successful. Funding allocated: $33,000
  • The London Cross-Cultural Learner Centre (Yazidi Children and Youth Peer Support Project) Funding will support a new locally created innovative peer support program addressing the needs of traumatized children and through peer support and mentorship. The program aims to improve the social, spiritual, and mental wellness of the Yazidi youth and children while considering non-westernized approaches, linguistic, and cultural background. Creating leadership and mentoring opportunities, empowering youth and creating a sense of belonging in a safe and welcoming community. Funding allocated: $84,518
  • WeBridge Community Services (Voices: Black Seniors and Youth Educational Workshops) Funding will support Black identifying seniors and youth through educative sessions creating a space to meet, learn, and share experiences. Using an Afrocentric model will help to empower and strengthen intergenerational, community, and personal growth connections. Funding allocated: $31,075
2020 Innovation & Capital Funding Allocations

Capital Funding Allocations

  • Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association (Building and Property Purchase) · Funding will support the purchase of the Bishop Cronyn Church and land which will help grow and expand program and events across the community. The Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association operates the El Sistema Aeolian program for children and youth to experience free, accessible after-school orchestral activities. Funding allocated: $90,000
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area (Program Space Renovation) · Funding will support the renovations to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area building in order to improve and expand the program space, kitchen, and eating area. Improvements will offer more functional space for matches to meet, to operate summer day camp programs, and conduct more trainings and community meetings. Funding allocated: $75,000
  • Forest City Velodrome Association (Washroom and Club House Renovations) · Funding will support the Forest City Velodrome which is one of only three indoor velodromes in Canada. Funds will allow this cycling hub to utilize space better at the old London Ice House, adding a virtual training studio and renovations to the 70 year old washroom and change room facilities to increase accessibility. Funding allocated: $40,000
  • John Howard Society of London and District (Roof Repair and Parking Lot Resurfacing) · Funding will support roof repairs and parking lot resurfacing which will improve accessibility and safety of program delivery. The John Howard Society of London and District offers social and justice related programs, helping individuals and families who are at risk of, or who have come into conflict with the law. Funding allocated: $25,000
  • The N'Amerind (London) Friendship Centre Inc. (Roof Repair) · Funding will support roof repairs to the N’Amerind Friendship Centre which will improve safe delivery of activities and increase program space. The N’Amerind Friendship Centre offers cultural relevant programs that promote physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being of Aboriginal people and in particular Urban Aboriginal people though recreation, education, leadership, and Aboriginal heritage. Funding allocated: $22,420
  • Reforest London - Westminster Ponds Centre for Environment & Sustainability (Washroom Expansions to Increase Building and Programming Capacity) Funding will support renovations including increasing the number of washrooms in two buildings (Huron and Bruce) to maximize program space. The Westminster Ponds Centre, is set to become one of the largest community-based environmental centres in Canada, and is expected to serve over 15,000 visitors and program participants annually. Funding allocated: $90,000
  • The Arts Project London (Washroom Renovation) · Funding will support a washroom renovation that will increase accessibility capacity and use for patrons and artists. The Arts Project London supports emerging and developing theatre, visual and performing artists. The centre features a gallery, black-box theatre, multi-use workshop space, and 10 resident artist studios in a heritage building in downtown London. Funding allocated: $35,500
  • Youth Centre for Change (Washroom Renovation) · Funding will support upgrades and renovations to washroom facilities to accommodate the needs of 12 youth residing in two 100 year old homes. The Youth Centre for Change is a residential facility for teen male youth who have experienced trauma and abuse. Funding allocated: $52,000

Innovation Funding Allocations

  • Across Languages Translation and Interpretation Service (Remote Interpretation Ontario Change Agent Project) · Funding will support a Change Agent to implement the Remote Interpretation Ontario service. Working with community partners and service providers through training, coaching, and team sessions, front line staff across London will understand the care paths and easily be able to access different modes of interpretation at the correct time, thus transforming service delivery across several sectors. Funding allocated: $65,623
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