Moving & Immigrating to London, Ontario, Canada

Aerial view of downtown London


The process of moving to a new country, province, or even city comes with a wide range of emotions. Though you may be excited about the new opportunities that lay ahead, it’s normal to be sad about what you’re leaving behind.


This section is designed to help make the transition to London as simple as possible. We will provide an overview of what you’ll need to know before you leave your current home, as well as key steps you’ll need to take once you arrive. 

In this section you’ll find information about:

  • your rights in Canada;
  • how to obtain a visa or how to get legal support;
  • services that can help you settle in London, ON;
  • why and how to get a social insurance number (SIN);
  • how to find housing and set up utilities;
  • how to register your children for school or obtain child care; and 
  • how to complete other essential tasks like getting a health card, finding a doctor, opening a bank account, using local transit, and obtaining a driver’s license. 


Il y a aussi des ressources en français.

Last modified:Tuesday, June 04, 2024