Red light cameras

Motorists running red lights account for many collisions each year in our city. Red light cameras are one tool the City uses to help reduce collisions at intersections.

If you have questions or concerns about tickets, please call the Provincial Offences Offices at 519-661-1882

Red Light Camera Locations

Where are the City's red light cameras?
The locations of all the red light cameras in London. For more information, please contact Jon Kostyniuk at or by calling 519 661-2489, ext. 4748

Intersections with red light cameras 

  • Commissioners Road east at Wellington Road
  • Dundas Street at Clarke Road
  • Exeter Road at Wharncliffe Road south
  • Huron Street at Highbury Avenue north
  • Oxford Street west at Wonderland Road north
  • Oxford Street east at Adelaide Street north
  • Queens Avenue at Adelaide Street north
  • Queens Avenue at Talbot Street
  • Springbank Drive at Wonderland Road south
  • Windermere Road at Richmond Street

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Frequently asked questions
Will the red light camera photograph every vehicle passing through the intersection?

No. The camera will only record vehicles that run a red light and will not photograph motorists who enter on a green or amber signal.

What information does the red light camera record?

If a red light camera determines that a motorist will enter an intersection on the red, then a photo is taken before it goes through.

The camera takes a second photo once the vehicle does enter the intersection.

Both photographs show a red traffic signal, when the picture was taken, the length of the amber signal, how long the light has been red and the speed of the vehicle.

What if I am making a left turn and the light turns red when my vehicle is still in the intersection?

The City will not penalize motorists already in an intersection when the signal changes to red (for example, if they are waiting to turn.)

What is the fine for running a red light camera?

The fine for this violation is $325. The infraction notice is sent to the registered vehicle owner via mail and this person is responsible for paying the fine.

What if I turn right while the signal is red?

A motorist will not trigger a camera if they follow all the rules concerning a red light right turn.

Will the red light camera photograph me?

Red-light cameras will not capture a picture of the driver or of any passengers.



Last modified:Wednesday, March 17, 2021