Building permits

Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily amended our submission process for all applications pertaining to planning, development, building and licensing. Only digital applications will be accepted for all services. Development & Compliance Services staff and our partners are making best efforts to advance applications in a timely fashion.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  

How to apply for a building permit 

 Residential and simple plumbing permits

Apply for simple residential building permits, plumbing permits and sign permits. Inspection information will be provided once the permit is issued.

 Development and Business Portal (E-Portal) 

This portal will allow you to:

  • apply for residential and plumbing permits online using a credit card
  • check the status of an application
  • schedule or cancel inspections
  • check inspection results

Register for the Development and Business Portal

Watch the new user registration how-to videoOnline portal registration questions or technical difficulties can be emailed to 

When is a permit required?

Projects that require a building permit
  • any structure occupying an area greater than 10 m2 (108 sq. ft.) consisting of a wall, roof or floor, or a structural system, including all plumbing, works, fixtures and service systems that lead to or services that structure
  • any structure occupying an area of 10 m2 (108 sqft) or less that contains plumbing, including the plumbing that lead to or services that structure
  • any addition to an existing building
  • any form of plumbing whether in a structure or not
  • replacement of a fire alarm panel or control unit
  • a sewage or septic system
  • "designated" structures as per the Ontario Building Code; (Division A-
  • any alterations to an existing building which affect the structural design of the building including mechanical, electrical*, plumbing services (no limit on size of building), fire separations, egress (exits), fire protection/suppression systems and/or changing the use of buildings or parts of a building

*Note: Contact the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) for electrical permit information.

Examples of residential construction that requires a permit
  • decks attached to a building regardless of height
  • interior structural alterations
  • adding or removing most walls, (creating different room sizes and/or uses)
  • porches
  • basement or main floor walkout alterations
  • sunrooms, solariums
  • replacement of brick veneer
  • carports, attached or detached garages, sheds
  • dormers or finishing of attic space
  • installation of irrigation systems
  • additions
  • installation, repair of storm, sanitary and water service
  • finishing a basement or a portion thereof
  • furnace and ductwork replacements
  • installation of plumbing cleanouts
  • conversion from septic to sanitary sewer
  • plumbing and/or drains (except replacing fixtures)
  • insulating exterior walls when exterior or interior cladding is removed
  • new or structural alterations to windows or doors
  • installation or repair of private sewer systems and water service
  • backflow preventers for lawn irrigation systems
  • structural work related to fire damage
Projects that do not require a building permit
  • fences (other than for swimming pools)
  • asphalt roof shingling
  • eaves troughs
  • minor repairs to masonry
  • damp proofing basements
  • air conditioning units or heat pumps added to existing forced-air systems
  • kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing
  • free-standing satellite dishes
  • replace existing forced-air furnace (no duct work alterations)
  • replacing siding or windows (provided there are no structural changes)
  • pool heaters
  • painting and decorating
  • landscaping
Emergency repair plumbing permits

If you are applying for a building permit to resolve an emergency plumbing issue in a single detached dwelling or row townhouse (i.e. a water service repair or installation, sanitary sewer repair or installation etc.), please make sure that  you include emergency plumbing repair in the description of proposed work field  on the application form.  

We will strive to issue the permit the same day the application is received. (Provided all applicable fees have been paid and applicable law has been complied with)

Registered Home Builders

Use the Development and Business Portal (E-Portal) to submit permit applications and CAD drawings online for new single detached, semi-detached and row housing.

Inspection information will be provided once the permit is issued.

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Large Residential and Demolition

Permit applications for industrial, commercial, institutional and large residential building types can be submitted in digital format only by emailing

Permit application forms


When is a permit required? (Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)
  • change of use (where construction is proposed or the change constitutes an increase in the hazard index)
  • interior renovations within a floor area affecting fire separations, exits or structural capacity
  • interior finishing of shell buildings for tenants (occupancies in commercial or industrial malls and office buildings, etc.)
  • fire and water damage affecting interior renovations within a floor area affecting fire separations, exits or structural capacity
  • additions to any building having a combined area of 10m2 (108 sq. ft.) or more
  • installations and major alterations of sprinkler, standpipe, fire alarm or mechanical (HVAC) systems
  • plumbing installation and alterations, except replacement of fixtures
  • installation or replacement of storm and sanitary sewers, water service (catch basins, weeping tile, clean-outs, change from septic system to sewers)
  • installation and repairs to sewage systems (septic systems and holding tanks)
  • installation of backflow preventers
  • retaining walls exceeding 1 metre (3 ft.- 3 inches) in exposed height adjacent to public property, to an access to a building, or on private property to which the public is admitted
  • tents greater than 60 m2 (645 sq. ft.)​

Upon receipt of application, the applicant will be contacted with instructions relating to payment and uploading of drawings and additional documents. 

Where do I send revisions or additional information for building permit applications?

Effective October 12, 2020 

Submission of revisions or additional information for a building permit application must be sent to the following email address The subject line must include the municipal address and permit application number.

Please note that the plans must be arranged and named as follows:

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanical  - including HVAC and Plumbing
  • Electrical -  including fire alarm information
  • Sprinkler

All PDF plans must be unlocked so our review stamp can be added to them.

All submissions, for each category above must be in a single PDF file (addressing all deficiency items). Submitting revisions that address only certain items in the deficiency notice will result in delays.

Inspections - Building, Plumbing and Fire Protection 

Inspections can be arranged by calling 519-661-2489 x 5287, emailing or through the Development and Business Portal (E-Portal).  Any inspection requests that do not meet the restriction criteria will be cancelled.  For select inspections types, platforms such as FaceTime and WhatsApp are available, please contact your inspector for more information.

Restriction criteria for inspections

For inspections under a new-erect permit, inspectors will announce their arrival and ask that all tradespersons vacate the building (single/semi-detached dwellings, row townhouses), including attached garages. Only thereafter, will the inspection be conducted.

Anyone that may want to speak to the inspectors on site is requested to adhere to a 2 metre safe distance limit. Should the inspectors determine that this is not followed, on a discretionary basis, they will leave the premises.

Inspections for residential additions, single detached dwelling/row townhouse alterations 

Inspections are conducted for small residential buildings under renovation with a permit issued for alterations.

If you have requested an inspection under a building permit for alteration work and have not provided us with a site contact phone number, please reply to and provide it so your inspection date is not compromised. This allows the inspector to be able to call on the date of the inspection.

Please note: 

  • It is your responsibility to ensure the inspector is able to successfully connect with the person assigned this number in order that the inspection be carried out.
  • If the inspector calls, and there is no answer, he/she will attempt to knock on the front door.   If no one answers, the inspector will leave and record the inspection(s) as ‘“Inspection cancelled by City”. You will then be required to rebook the inspection(s).
  • As a result of the above, when the inspector attends for the second time, he/she will attempt contact by phone only.
  • If upon inspection, the inspector finds that the work is not ready or previously identified deficiencies have not been rectified, the inspection will be deemed as “Not ready” and you will need to remit the associated fee. Currently, that amount is $178.68 and indexed annually March 1.

The following site restrictions must be adhered to:

  1. At all times during the on-site physical inspection, and after the inspector has confirmed arrival, all other tradespersons are to vacate the area under renovation.  Only upon confirmation of this, will the inspector enter.
  2. Anyone wishing to speak to the inspector must do so at a minimum distance of 2 metres.
  3. The area under renovation must be separated from the remaining dwelling by use of a full-height temporary partition or a curtain consisting of fabric or vapour barrier material.
  4. When the inspector arrives, he/she will call the number given previously and confirm that, if for any reason, occupants (not tradespersons) must remain in the dwelling, the permit holder/homeowner shall provide confirmation via text message (must include the address) to the inspector, prior to the inspection, that all occupants have answered ‘No’ to all of the following questions:
Do you have any of the following symptoms (new or worsening) that are not related to seasonal allergies or pre-existing health conditions?
  • Fever (37.80 C or greater)
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Runny, stuffy or congested nose
  • Unexplainable fatigue
  • Unexplainable muscle aches
  • Unusual or long lasting headache
  • Digestive issues like nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Pink eye

In the past 14 days have you ...

  • been in close physical contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19
  • travelled outside Canada
  • been in close physical contact with someone who either is sick with symptoms listed above OR returned from outside of Canada in the last 2 weeks with symptoms listed above


Inspections for accessory residential structures

Inspections are available for unoccupied accessory structures (sheds, carports, pool cabanas, both attached and detached garages, decks, etc.).

For select inspection types, platforms such as FaceTime and WhatsApp are available. Please contact your inspector for more information.

Inspections for partial occupancy permits

Inspections are conducted for partial occupancy permits.

The following protocol must be adhered to for partial occupancy inspections:

  1. Contact will need to be made by the site supervisor (site super) to the inspector prior to attendance.
  2. A mutually agreed-upon location on site is to be arranged for the inspector and the site super to meet,  if there is no job site trailer available.
  3. The site super is to ensure the path of travel to the inspection area will be such that the 2 metre physical distance requirement from the inspector, is adhered to at all times.
  4. The site super is to ensure that any elevator usage is restricted to the inspector and the site super only.
  5. If stairs are used to enter the floor area(s) to be inspected, the site super shall ensure the stairs are mark for one way travel only (For example: west stairs ascending only and the east stairs descending only).
  6. For the floor/area being inspected, the site super is to ensure that there are no tradespersons present.  If this is not possible, all tradespersons are to maintain the physical distance requirement from the inspector at all times while he/she is there.
  7. At the end of the inspection(s), the site super must accompany the inspector off the site while maintaining the physical distance requirements.

The inspector may not commence or terminate the inspection at any time, if the above protocol has not been complied with.  The permit holder will receive a “Inspection Cancelled by City” notice via email and will need to re-book the partial occupancy inspection.

Building inspections associated with business licence applications

Due to COVID-19, new business licence applications for are being accepted digitally by emailing Applications will be reviewed for zoning compliance, however, only locations that are deemed essential by the province will have inspections conducted. New applications for food premises will have their application fee deferred three months from the date of the issuance of the licence.

Building permit fees

Building permit fees depend on the floor area, scope of work and the type of building being constructed or altered. When using the online portal permit fees will be calculated.

Two payment options: 

1.    Online Banking

  • Applicant must register on the online portal 
  • Applicant will receive the form “Request to Submit Payment Through Online Banking” and upon completion, email it to
  • Applicant will then receive instructions on how to proceed with online payment  

2.    A cheque made payable to City of London, mailed to Building Services, PO Box 5035, 7th floor, London ON  N6A 4L9. 

The Building by-law B-7 provides information about the types of building construction, alteration and demolition permits issued and services provided. The current fees for these permits and services appear in Appendix A of the by-law.

Last modified:Wednesday, November 18, 2020