The Boyle Memorial Community Centre is located at 530 Charlotte Avenue.

  • Parking at Boyle Memorial Community Centre is free. 
  • Check London Public Transit for public transit locations, times and fees.
  • Call 519-661-2489, extension 4427 for customer service. To book a rental, call 519-661-5575 or email
Hours of operation

This community centre is open for select recreation programming, and the hours of operation are based on the program offering times. If you have not registered for a recreation program at this facility, you will not be permitted inside. 

Registered programs

Check our Play Your Way website to register and pay for programs that take place at Boyle Memorial Community Centre. 

Cancellations and closures

Check our cancellation page to ensure your program is running as scheduled.


Boyle Memorial Community Centre features a gymnasium, multipurpose room, full kitchen and outdoor park space. This facility is available to rent for events such as private parties, meetings, tournaments and training classes.  

Meeting rooms

Meeting room A

  • Kitchenette (dishes and utensils not included)
  • Tables and chairs

Meeting room B

  • Pass through window from main kitchen and kitchenette
  • Tables and chairs
  • Two regulation basketball hoops
  • Two seven-foot basketball hoops
  • One volleyball court and net
  • Three bocce courts
  • Hockey or soccer nets
  • Variety of sports equipment available
  • Access to the kitchen pass through window
  • Tables and chairs available
  • Capacity: 262
  • Counter space
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator with freezer
  • Two double sinks
  • Stove top and oven
  • Roll up windows with access to gym or meeting room
  • Kettle and coffee urn
Boyle Community Centre Park 
  • Playground equipment
  • Three mini soccer pitches


Visit our rentals page to book a space in the Boyle Memorial Community Centre. To book a rental, call 519-661-5575 or email

What are the rental rates and fees?

Full meeting room​

Adult Rate​ $38.80 per hour
Minor Rate​ $29.10 per hour
Commercial Rates $69.84 per hour

Meeting room A or B

Adult Rate $27.99 per hour
Minor Rate  $20.91 per hour
Commercial Rate $50.18 per hour


Adult Rate​  $38.80 per hour 
​Minor Rate $29.10 per hour
Commercial Rate $69.84 per hour


Adult Rate​  $27.88 per hour
Minor Rate $20.91 per hour
Commercial Rate   $50.18 per hour

HST is not included in above pricing. Insurance can be purchased through the City of London or you can provide a copy of your own coverage. Music - SOCAN and Re:Sound charge is required Non Alcohol Events Only Once your booking is complete through customer service, please call Boyle Memorial Community Centre directly at 519-661-2500, extension 4427 at least 48 hours prior to your room rental to discuss room set up.


Last modified:Wednesday, July 14, 2021