Report a road, sidewalk or pathway issue

If you spot an issue on our roads (which includes streetlights), sidewalks or pathways, help us out by reporting it. Thank you for helping us maintain a London that is clean, safe and accessible for all.

Report snow not plowed or slippery conditions

Report snow not plowed or slippery conditions

Report a pothole

City crews treat potholes as a priority and address them in accordance with the standards set out in the provincial minimum maintenance standards. The standards range from 4 – 30 days depending on the classification of the street.

When reporting a pothole, please be as specific as possible. Remember to include the following details when you notify us:

  • the name of the street
  • the nearest municipal building number
  • the name of the nearest cross-street
  • the lane location (i.e., northbound lane, turning lane, etc.)

Report a pothole

Report sod damage

Plow operators may have difficulty sometimes finding the sidewalk or the edge of the road under the snow. Sod damage can also occur when the ground is not completely frozen.  If City crews damage sod on your property, we will fix it.

To report sod damage on your property, please contact 519-661-4570 or

Please note: Repairs begin in May after the snow season has ended.  Depending on the amount of damaged sod, repairs may extend through the spring and into the summer.

Report a road or sidewalk issue
  • are there poor road conditions?
  • is there a damaged curb or gutter?
  • is street sweeping or cleaning required?
  • is there a damaged sidewalk?

Report a road or sidewalk issue

Report an issue related to a construction project
  • is there dust or debris in the area?
  • is a house or property damaged?

Report an issue about a construction project

Report a traffic concern
  • is there a traffic issue?
  • is a streetlight out or damaged?
  • is a traffic sign missing or damaged?
  • request a traffic calming measure
  • request a new streetlight or traffic measure

Report a traffic concern


Last modified:Tuesday, April 09, 2024