Adopt-a-Park is a program that allows community members to care for their favourite local parks, keeping them beautiful and safe for all to enjoy.

Park adopters agree to host a spring and fall clean-up for at least two years and in return, the City of London agrees to install a sign that recognizes the group, provide supplies like black garbage bags and gloves and pick up the collected garbage after the clean-up.

If you are interested in adopting a park, please download the application below and send the completed form to

Parks in London

Find a full list of parks in London, as well as their adoption status below.

Northeast London Parks

ParkAddressAdoption Status
Adelaide Street Wells1220 Adelaide Street North.Adopted
Ann Street65 Ann StreetAdopted
Ballymote Trail1470 North Wenige DriveAvailable to adopt
Bellwood West33 Bellwood CrescentAvailable to adopt
Bellwood East34 Bellwood CrescentAdopted
Blackwell Park1160 Blackwell BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Blackwell trailBlackwell BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Boyle Community530 Charlotte StreetAdopted
Boyle1010 Princess AvenueAdopted
Broughdale246 Epworth AvenueAvailable to adopt
Camden Crescent1344 Amberwood RoadAdopted
Campbell Memorial380 Dundas StreetAvailable to adopt
Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre656 Elizabeth StreetAdopted
Carling675 Grosvenor StreetAvailable to adopt
Carriage Hill139 Pinebrook PlaceAvailable to adopt
Cayuga64 Cayuga CrescentAvailable to adopt
Cedar Hollow564 Killarney RoadAvailable to adopt
Constitution725 Grenfell DriveAdopted
Creekside Meadows1565 Privet PlaceAvailable to adopt
Creekside1480 Privet PlaceAvailable to adopt
Culver1735 Culver DriveAvailable to adopt
Dalkeith806 Dalkeith AvenueAvailable to adopt
Doidge300 Cromwell StreetAdopted
Drew 1600 Drew StreetAvailable to adopt
Ed Blake449 Barker StreetAvailable to adopt
Edgevalley 269 Edgevalley RoadAvailable to adopt
Fairhaven Park1373 Trafalgar StreetAvailable to adopt
Fanshawe Optimist65 Tweed CrescentAdopted
Farnsborough1071 Farnsborough CrescentAvailable to adopt
Flanders145 Rhine AvenueAvailable to adopt
Forest Hill1955 Rollingacres DriveAvailable to adopt
Genevive70 Genevive CrescentAvailable to adopt
Harris531 Ridout Street NorthAdopted
Hastings1428 Hastings DriveAdopted
Herbert1859 Herbert AvenueAvailable to adopt
Heron Haven204 Skyline AvenueAvailable to adopt
Highbury Wetland460 Killarney RoadAdopted
Huron Heights185 Mcnay StreetAdopted
Huron Street Woods500 Huron StreetAvailable to adopt
Huronview1345 Bentley DriveAvailable to adopt
Jubilee1375 Clarke RoadAvailable to adopt
Kilallay Woods545 Killarney RdAvailable to adopt
Kilally Woods WestEdge Valley RdAvailable to adopt
Krupp Park121 Oakside StreetAdopted
Lorne Avenue Park723 Lorne AvenueAvailable to adopt
Ltc - Brydges Park1305 Brydges StreetAvailable to adopt
Mc Nay Drain - North 1070 Kipps LaneAvailable to adopt
Mc Nay Drain - South 440 Barker StreetAvailable to adopt
McCormick39 Connaught AvenueAvailable to adopt
McMahen640 Adelaide Street NorthAvailable to adopt
Meander Creek905 Blackmaple CrescentAvailable to adopt
Meander Creek SWM

905 Blackmaple Crescent

1205 Crosscreek Crescent

Available to adopt
Mildred Barons444 Kathleen AvenueAvailable to adopt
Mornington800 High Holborn StreetAdopted
North Branch76 Tetherwood BoulevardAvailable to adopt
North London1225 Adelaide Street NorthAdopted
Northbrook2135 Blackwater RoadAvailable to adopt
Northbrook Valley1625 Adelaide Street NorthAvailable to adopt
Northcrest50 Northcrest DriveAvailable to adopt
Northdale Tributary740 Thistlewood DriveAvailable to adopt
Northdale Woods641 Sprucewood DriveAvailable to adopt
Northeast1050 Victoria DriveAdopted
Northridge Fields1360 Adelaide Street NorthAvailable to adopt
Parkhurst North1848 Parkhurst AvenueAvailable to adopt
Parkhurst South1851 Parkhurst AvenueAvailable to adopt
Pawnee176 Pawnee RoadAvailable to adopt
Pibline 2125 Springridge DriveAvailable to adopt
Piccadilly695 Waterloo StreetAdopted
Powell800 Superior DriveAvailable to adopt
Powell Woods2245 Dauncey CrescentAvailable to adopt
Richmond Trail1285 Richmond StreetAvailable to adopt
Ross1250 Richmond StreetAvailable to adopt
Salisbury335 Salisbury StreetAvailable to adopt
Sevilla760 Sevilla Park PlaceAvailable to adopt
Smith194 Brampton RoadAvailable to adopt
Stephens Farm887 South Wenige DriveAvailable to adopt
Stoney Creek Community Centre920 Sunningdale Road EastAvailable to adopt
Stoney Creek Meadow1343 Adelaide Street NorthAdopted
Stoney Creek Valley - Central1580 Trossacks AvenueAvailable to adopt
Stoney Creek Valley - Central East1540 Stackhouse AvenueAvailable to adopt
Stoney Creek Valley - Central West625 Grenfell DriveAvailable to adopt
Stoney Creek Valley North626 Grenfell DriveAvailable to adopt
Stoney Creek Valley North1450 Privet PlaceAvailable to adopt
Stoney Creek Valley South1499 Adelaide Street NorthAvailable to adopt
Stoney Creek Valley South East650 Windermere RoadAdopted
Stoneybrook815 Windermere RoadAvailable to adopt
Stronach1221 Sandford StreetAvailable to adopt
Tallwood Valley151 Sunnyside DriveAvailable to adopt
Ted Early Sports Complex1375 Clarke RoadAvailable to adopt
Third Street530 Third StreetAvailable to adopt
Uplands Trail5 Northcrest GateAvailable to adopt
Virginia225 Chambers AvenueAvailable to adopt
Wenige1251 South Wenige DriveAdopted
Windermere Fields745 Windermere RoadAvailable to adopt

Northwest London Parks

ParkAddressAdoption Status
A. L. Furanna100 Wychwood ParkAvailable to adopt
Ambleside257 Ambleside DriveAvailable to adopt
Beaverbrook Woods780 Mapleridge StreetAdopted
Blackacres Park595 Blackacres BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Blackfriars2 Cummings AvenueAdopted
Blackfriars North2 Street Patrick StreetAdopted
Braemar Block457 Riverside DriveAvailable to adopt
Burr Reed Woods741 Redtail TrailAvailable to adopt
Cantebury99 Prince Of Wales GateAvailable to adopt
Capulet40 Capulet LaneAvailable to adopt
Cavendish136 Cavendish Crescent.Adopted
Cavendish East72 Wyatt StreetAvailable to adopt
Cheltenham43 Cheltenham RoadAvailable to adopt
Chesham Heights328 Castlegrove BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Clara Brenton Woods367 Richmeadow RoadAdopted
Coronation North1965 Coronation DriveAdopted
Egelton Woods1136 Smither RoadAvailable to adopt
Empress161 Empress AvenueAvailable to adopt
Essex30 Macdonald AvenueAdopted
Fox Hollow Ravine - North1955 Aldersbrook RoadAvailable to adopt
Fox Hollow Ravine - South1950 Aldersbrook RoadAvailable to adopt
Foxfield District2384 Buroak DriveAvailable to adopt
Foxfield Woods960 Foxcreek RoadAvailable to adopt
Gainsborough Meadows102 Brandy Lane RoadAdopted
Gainsborough Valley510 Gainsborough RoadAvailable to adopt
Gibbons2a Grosvenor StreetAvailable to adopt
Gibbons - North2a Grosvenor StreetAdopted
Gibbons - Playground2a Grosvenor StreetAdopted
Gretna Green108 Lonsdale DriveAvailable to adopt
Hazelden430 Hyde Park RoadAdopted
Helen Mott Shaw71 Grasmere CrescentAvailable to adopt
Helen Mott Shaw West11 Smallman DriveAvailable to adopt
Hickorystick Park640 Hickorystick KeyAvailable to adopt
Hillside Ravine1570 Hillside DriveAvailable to adopt
Hunt Club Green104 Fitzwilliam BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Huntington63 Meadowridge RoadAvailable to adopt
Hutton520 Hutton PlaceAvailable to adopt
Hyde Park Ps1617 Hyde Park RoadAvailable to adopt
Hyde Park Village Green1695 Hyde Park RoadAdopted
Hyde Park Rotary Link1590 Woodcock PlaceAvailable to adopt
Hyde Park Rotary Link1150 Gainsborough RdAvailable to adopt
Jaycee1830 Aldersbrook RoadAvailable to adopt
Kelly881 Kelly StreetAvailable to adopt
Kensington16 Fernley AvenueAvailable to adopt
Maple Grove Park1260 Coronation DriveAdopted
Maple Grove Woods1586 Finley CrescentAvailable to adopt
McGarrell Walk450 Mcgarrell DriveAvailable to adopt
McKillop650 Riverside DriveAdopted
Medway1051 Wonderland Road NorthAvailable to adopt
Mitchell A. Baran10 Riverside DriveAdopted
Morgan 3415 Morgan AvenueAvailable to adopt
Mud Creek North453 Oxford Street WestAdopted
North Mud Creek626 Wonderland Road NorthAvailable to adopt
Norwest Optimist48 Hawthorne RoadAvailable to adopt
Oak Park1207 Royal York RoadAdopted
Oakridge Optimist825 Valetta StreetAdopted
Pebblecreek 125 Pebblecreek WalkAvailable to adopt
Pebblecreek Park Central2245 Torrey Pines WayAvailable to adopt
Pebblecreek Park East2246 Torrey Pines WayAvailable to adopt
Pebblecreek Park West401 Sunningdale Road WestAvailable to adopt
Peppertree427a Castlegrove BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Pinnacle East1810 Pinnacle ParkwayAvailable to adopt
Pinnacle West1811 Pinnacle ParkwayAvailable to adopt
Plane Tree214 Plane Tree DriveAdopted
Proudfoot East730 Proudfoot LaneAvailable to adopt
Proudfoot West693 Proudfoot LaneAvailable to adopt
Riverside Boat Launch520 Riverside DriveAvailable to adopt
Riverside78 Riverside DriveAvailable to adopt
Riverside Walk396 Riverside DriveAvailable to adopt
Rollingwood Circle50 Rollingwood CircleAvailable to adopt
Ruskin11 Ruskin CrescentAvailable to adopt
Sherwood Forest 7 Annadale DriveAvailable to adopt
Snake Creek1723 Foxwood AvenueAvailable to adopt
Snake Creek Walk1946 Foxwood CrescentAvailable to adopt
South Mud Creek557 Wonderland Road NorthAvailable to adopt
St. Anthony's65 Hartson RoadAvailable to adopt
Staffordshire 1443 Staffordshire RoadAvailable to adopt
Sugarcreek460 Sugarcreek TrailAvailable to adopt
Sun Valley1 Mackellar AvenueAvailable to adopt
Sunrise741 Redtail TrailAvailable to adopt
Thistledown996 Thistledown WayAvailable to adopt
Thornwood699 Thornwood DriveAvailable to adopt
Tokala Woods3150 Tokala TrailAvailable to adopt
Torrey Pines 2420 Torrey PinesAvailable to adopt
Trooper Mark Wilson 2070 Wallingford AvenueAvailable to adopt
University Heights290 Trott DriveAdopted
Uplands North Wetland1845 Canvas WayAvailable to adopt
Valley Run1972 Valleyrun BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Van Horik Woods399 Sophia WayAvailable to adopt
Villagewalk Commons160 Villagewalk BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Vista Woods1075 Melsetter WayAvailable to adopt
Waldorf25 Beaufort StreetAvailable to adopt
Walnut Woods1830 Coronation DriveAvailable to adopt
Water Oak 2245 Wateroak DriveAdopted
West Lions20 Granville StreetAdopted
Westdale1070 Quinton RoadAvailable to adopt
Whetherfield1115 Whetherfield StreetAdopted
Wood Street46 Wood StreetAdopted
Woodhull Ravine1940 Woodhull RoadAvailable to adopt

Southeast London Parks

ParkAddressAdoption Status
Admiral284 Admiral DriveAvailable to adopt
Bonaventure Meadows150 Vaubois PlaceAvailable to adopt
Bond Street Open SpaceBond StreetAvailable to adopt
Brookside29 Brookside ParkAvailable to adopt
Burnett Woods1050 Crumlin Side RoadAvailable to adopt
Carroll270 Ellerslie RoadAvailable to adopt
Cheddar Woods3841 Cheese Factory RoadAvailable to adopt
Chelsea Green - North1a Adelaide Street NorthAvailable to adopt
Chelsea Green1 Adelaide Street SouthAdopted
City Wide Sports1510 Commissioners Road EastAvailable to adopt
Clarke Road28 Clarke RoadAvailable to adopt
CNRA325 Egerton StreetAdopted
East Lions1731 Churchill AvenueAdopted
Ebury112 Ebury CrescentAvailable to adopt
Fairmont117 Tweedsmuir AvenueAdopted
Fairmont Trail290 Hale StreetAvailable to adopt
Forest View323 Hudson DriveAvailable to adopt
Frederick Park1940 Frederick CrescentAvailable to adopt
Glass Avenue12 Glass AvenueAvailable to adopt
Glen Cairn East170 Helena AvenueAdopted
Glen Cairn North150 Helena AvenueAdopted
Glen Cairn West311 Marion StreetAvailable to adopt
Grampian Woods265 Bournemouth DriveAvailable to adopt
Hemlock 1510 Hamilton RoadAvailable to adopt
Heritage150 Bexhill DriveAvailable to adopt
Highbury Woods1300 Commissioners Road EastAdopted
Kiwanis North1475 Brydges StreetAvailable to adopt
Kiwanis Park - Central North1475 Brydges StreetAvailable to adopt
Kiwanis Park - Central South1500 Trafalgar StreetAvailable to adopt
Kiwanis Park - Central South1580 Gore RoadAvailable to adopt
Kiwanis South1579 Gore RoadAvailable to adopt
Laurier380a Millbank DriveAvailable to adopt
Lord Nelson Woods1985 Wavell StreetAvailable to adopt
Marconi Boulevard Open Space1877 Marconi BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Meadowgate3155 Meadowgate BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Meredith450 Nelson StreetAdopted
Naiomi Almeida828 Deveron CrescentAdopted
Nelson142 Kipling AvenueAvailable to adopt
Nicholas Wilson16 Fitzroy PlaceAvailable to adopt
Norlan Avenue99 Norlan AvenueAvailable to adopt
Norlan Avenue South15 Meadowlilly Road NorthAvailable to adopt
Oakland Avenue235 Oakland AvenueAvailable to adopt
Osgoode Drive580 Osgoode DriveAvailable to adopt
Parker SWMGatestone RoadAvailable to adopt
Past Presidents280 Millbank DriveAvailable to adopt
Pond Edge Berm37 Ponds Edge CrescentAvailable to adopt
Pottersburg1139 Hamilton RoadAdopted
Queens900 King StreetAvailable to adopt
Remembrance Gardens2325 River RoadAdopted
River East Optimist55 Danielle CrescentAvailable to adopt
River Road2150 River RoadAvailable to adopt
River's Edge15 St. Julien StreetAdopted
Rowntree750 Whetter AvenueAvailable to adopt
Shaftesbury85 Downing CrescentAvailable to adopt
Shelborne North860 Deveron CrescentAvailable to adopt
Shelborne South855 Deveron CrescentAvailable to adopt
Silverwoods50 Sycamore StreetAvailable to adopt
South Branch2 Homan StreetAdopted
South River Valley32 Pond Mills RoadAvailable to adopt
Southeast Optimist237 Deveron CrescentAvailable to adopt
Sovereign Woods585 Sovereign RoadAvailable to adopt
St. Julien15 Tommy Hunter WayAdopted
St. Stephen's1030 Mitchel StreetAdopted
Stanhope43 Shaftesbury AvenueAvailable to adopt
Talltree1715 Marconi BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Thompson Ravine410 Scenic DriveAvailable to adopt
Thompson Road39 Chesterfield AvenueAvailable to adopt
Three Valley234 Cairn StreetAvailable to adopt
Trafalgar Woods842 Railton AvenueAvailable to adopt
Vauxhall54 Price StreetAdopted
Vimy Ridge 1443 Trafalgar StreetAvailable to adopt
Watson Street21 Watson StreetAdopted
Wellingsboro955 Willow DriveAvailable to adopt
Wellington Valley56 Wellington StreetAvailable to adopt
Westminster Optimist650 Osgoode DriveAdopted

Southwest London Parks

ParkAddressAdoption Status
Arthur Ford671 Viscount RoadAdopted
Ashley Oaks65 Elvira CrescentAdopted
Basil Grover555 Wharncliffe Road SouthAdopted
Belmont741 Lenore StreetAvailable to adopt
Belvedere65 Victor StreetAvailable to adopt
Belvedere Place457 Belvedere PlaceAvailable to adopt
Berkshire510 Berkshire DriveAvailable to adopt
Boler Road580 Boler RoadAvailable to adopt
Boler Road Park213 Chalet CrescentAvailable to adopt
Bostwick Community Centre Park501 Southdale Road WestAvailable to adopt
Briscoe Woods130 Briscoe Street WestAvailable to adopt
Butler713 Butler AvenueAdopted
Button Bush North1270 Cranbrook RoadAvailable to adopt
Button Bush South1271 Cranbrook RoadAvailable to adopt
Byron Hills955 Byronmanor RoadAvailable to adopt
Byron Pits Open Space1060 Byron Baseline RoadAvailable to adopt
Byron River Valley211 Halls Mill RoadAvailable to adopt
Byron View2225 Colonel Talbot RoadAvailable to adopt
Carfrae East2 Carfrae CrescentAvailable to adopt
Charles Hunt Park50 Carfrae StreetAvailable to adopt
Cheswick88 Lacey CrescentAvailable to adopt
Clayton Walk 7053 Clayton Walk 
Cleardale817 Nixon AvenueAdopted
Colville360 Colville BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Coves - Elmwood GatewayElmwood Avenue WestAvailable to adopt
Coves Lookout264 Greenwood AvenueAvailable to adopt
Cresthaven104 Parks Edge CrescentAdopted
Cresthaven Woods745 Longworth RoadAvailable to adopt
Crestwood Woods635 Boler RoadAdopted
Devon2890 Devon RoadAvailable to adopt
Duchess Avenue26 Duchess AvenueAvailable to adopt
Dunkirk Place15 Dunkirk PlaceAdopted
Earl Nichols799 Homeview RoadAdopted
Evergreen60 Evergreen AvenueAvailable to adopt
Falls View5 Richmond StreetAvailable to adopt
Gartshore197 Wellington Road SouthAvailable to adopt
Glanworth6536 Bradish RoadAvailable to adopt
Graham Place3901 West Graham PlaceAvailable to adopt
Grand Oak7391 Silver Creek CrescentAvailable to adopt
Grand View385 Grandview AvenueAvailable to adopt
Greenway Park - East50 Greenside AvenueAdopted
Greenway Park - West50 Greenside AvenueAdopted
Griffith Street561 Griffith StreetAdopted
Halls Mills250 Halls Mill RoadAvailable to adopt
Hickory Woods1590 Warbler Woods WalkAdopted
Highland Woods324 Highview Avenue EastAdopted
Highview325 Highview Avenue EastAvailable to adopt
Hill Street200 Hill StreetAvailable to adopt
Horton Central255 Thames StreetAvailable to adopt
Horton North1A York StreetAvailable to adopt
Horton South75 Horton Street EastAvailable to adopt
Horton-Richmond 250 Richmond StreetAdopted
Ivey331 Thames StreetAdopted
Jalna South1278 Jalna BoulevardAdopted
Jesse Davidson731 Viscount RoadAvailable to adopt
Jorgenson1308 Norman AvenueAdopted
Kains Woods Trail2190 Kains RoadAvailable to adopt
Kensal150 Chelsea AvenueAvailable to adopt
Lambeth Centennial7112 Beattie StreetAdopted
Lambeth Optimist4200 Campbell Street NorthAvailable to adopt
Lambeth Veterans4310 Colonel Talbot RoadAvailable to adopt
Longview80 Longview CrescentAvailable to adopt
Lynngate Grove69 Lynngate GroveAvailable to adopt
Mathers Stream7198 Clayton WalkAvailable to adopt
Middleton 225 Middleton AvenueAvailable to adopt
Mitchell651 Westwood DriveAvailable to adopt
Mitches640 Upper Queen StreetAdopted
Mow Sifton Ridge
2040 Upperpoint Boulevard
Available to adopt
Murray75 Cliftonvale AvenueAdopted
Odessa149 Odessa AvenueAvailable to adopt
Pincombe Drain - North3035 Singleton AvenueAvailable to adopt
Pincombe Drain - South
1545 Wharncliffe Road South
Available to adopt
Pincombe North3555 Morgan CrescentAvailable to adopt
Raleigh Parkette6760 Raleigh BoulevardAdopted
Ralph Hamlyn83 Dennis AvenueAdopted
Reservoir869 Commissioners Road WestAvailable to adopt
Richard B. Harrison205 South StreetAvailable to adopt
River Forks17 Becher StreetAvailable to adopt
River Forks East10 Becher StreetAdopted
River Forks West15 Wharncliffe Road SouthAvailable to adopt
Riverbend1585 Riverbend RoadAvailable to adopt
Rosecliffe35 Quinella DriveAvailable to adopt
Rosel21 Rosel CrescentAvailable to adopt
Scanlan Drain2270 River RoadAvailable to adopt
Scenic View80 Chalet CrescentAdopted
Scenic View TrailBoler Mountain ParkAvailable to adopt
Sheffield Park2660 Sheffield BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Snake Hill Open Space910 Commissioners Road WestAvailable to adopt
Somerset Woods25 Fourwinds RoadAvailable to adopt
Southcrest10 Hazelwood AvenueAvailable to adopt
Southcrest Ravine188 Base Line Road WestAvailable to adopt
Southcrest Ravine - North180 Emery Street WestAvailable to adopt
Southwest Optimist682 Southdale Road WestAdopted
Southwinds3982 West Graham PlaceAvailable to adopt
Southwinds North7197 Clayton WalkAvailable to adopt
Springbank Flats67 Springbank DriveAvailable to adopt
Springbank1085 Commissioners Road WestAdopted
Springbank - Pumphouse to Springbank Gardens1085 Commissioners Road WestAdopted
St. Lawrence5 Street Lawrence BoulevardAdopted
Summercrest133 Optimist Park DriveAdopted
Talbot3470 Settlement TrailAdopted
Talbot Village Wetland6959 Raleigh BoulevardAvailable to adopt
Thames15 Ridout Street SouthAdopted
Thamesridge1605 Shore RoadAvailable to adopt
The Green165 Elmwood Avenue EastAvailable to adopt
Vanderlinder3540 Settlement TrailAvailable to adopt
Village Green429 Village Green AvenueAvailable to adopt
Viscount Woods1040 Viscount RoadAvailable to adopt
Westbury3350 Singleton AvenueAvailable to adopt
Westmount Lions784 Viscount RoadAvailable to adopt
Westmount196 Mcmaster DriveAdopted
Whisperwood211 Whisperwood AvenueAvailable to adopt
White Oaks Drain320 Bradley AvenueAvailable to adopt
White Oaks Drain South4109 Blakie RoadAvailable to adopt
White Oaks Optimist560 Bradley AvenueAdopted
White Oaks1119 Jalna BoulevardAdopted
Wilton Grove41 Greenfield DriveAvailable to adopt
Winblest640 Winblest AvenueAvailable to adopt
Wonderland Road427 Wonderland Road SouthAvailable to adopt
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