Privately owned trees

There are more than four million trees in London and they provide many benefits to the city. Trees help mitigate climate change and improve communities. They also provide habitats for many different species, create shade to lower temperatures, and help moderate stormwater runoff.

The Tree Protection By-law regulates the injuring and destruction of trees, and it encourages preservation and tree planting throughout London.

Please review the applications below and the Tree Protection By-law before removing a privately owned tree. 

Review the Tree Protection By-law

Private Tree Permit Application 

If you are applying to destroy either a Distinctive Tree or a Dead Distinctive Tree, please complete the Private Tree Permit Application form.

A Distinctive Tree is a privately owned tree with a trunk diameter of 50cm or greater, and located on a property within London's Urban Growth Boundary but not in a Tree Protection Area. 

Please note that a Dead Distinctive Tree is in advanced and irreversible decline in health or condition only as a result of natural causes.

Tree Protection Area Permit Application

If you are applying for a permit to destroy or injure a tree located within a Tree Protection Area, please contact with a brief description of your proposed project. Depending on the size of your treed area and the work you are proposing, a report from either an arborist or a Registered Professional Forester will be required.   

Maps of Tree Protection Areas can be viewed in the Tree Protection By-law

Last modified:Monday, July 24, 2023