Health and Homelessness Fund for Change

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Inspired by the dire local need and the work of the summit participants across sectors, a generous London family, who wishes to remain anonymous, has come forward to provide a transformative $25 million dollar gift to fund the system response.

This gift, which has been established as a fund with London Community Foundation, represents by far the largest single private donation in the history of our community to address health and homelessness. The family has further pledged another $5 million in matching funds, which means that if our community comes to the table with $5 million, they will match it, creating a fund that totals $35 million dollars.

All dollars have been designated to support the new system, with funding to be allocated based on unified single-asks to the Fund that are developed by the Strategy and Accountability Table and informed by implementation tables.

The Fund for Change is critical to helping secure provincial and federal dollars and will also support things that government cannot fund or cannot fund immediately.  Government advocacy is well underway, and London’s plan has been positively received by multiple levels of government.

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Last modified:Tuesday, June 18, 2024