Animal care and control

Who do I contact about...

Dead animals on City streets or City property

Email or call 519-661-4965

Excessive dog barking

City of London Bylaw Enforcement, call 519-661-4660 or email

Cruelty or neglect

Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS)


Licence for my pet

Information is available on our Pet Licences page.

Post a picture of a lost pet
Post a picture of a lost bird


With services provided under contract by the London Animal Care Centre (LACC), Animal Care & Control's four main areas of responsibility are animal control, by-law enforcement, dog licensing and cat identification program and shelter services for stray animals.

Animal Control

For the protection of residents and visitors to London as well as other animals. Our mandate covers stray dogs, sick, injured, or dying domestic or wild animals.

Services are delivered seven days a week, with some conditions. Other functions include rescue matters where animals are in distress, 24 hour emergency service, subsidized spay neuter incentive program .

Animal Statistics: Dog and Cat Activities

By-law enforcement

Enforcement of three City of London by-laws: 

Issuing Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs):

Issuing Notice of Contravention (NOCs) - typically issued to allow a pet owner time to purchase identification.

Issuing verbal and written warnings for the  PH-3 animal control by-law and PH-4 Dog licensing & control by-law.

Shelter services for stray animals

 London Animal Care Centre, 121 Pine Valley Boulevard

Designed to receive stray animals primarily from Animal Services Officers and the general public when necessary.

The centre also adopts out available dogs, cats and other small animals. Visit the LACC website for more information.

The Catty Shack

The Catty Shack is the City of London's adoption facility for our feline friends. Visit the Catty Shack's webpage.

Other local pet adoption resources 

Here are some other groups that also have pets available for adoption: 



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