Richmond Street Infrastructure Renewal


The City is reconstructing Richmond Street between York Street and Dundas Street to improve the water, sewer and road infrastructure. By replacing century-old combined storm and sanitary sewers with a new separated sewer system, we will significantly improve the health of the Thames River by reducing contaminants from combined sewer overflows.

The location

The project area which is located on Richmond Street between York Street and Dundas Street. For more information, please contact Larry Davidson by emailing or calling 519-661-2489 Ext. 2101

The work

This project will:

  • Replace watermain and water services
  • Upgrade sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and private drain connections
  • Improve streetscape including tree removals and replacement
  • Replace sidewalks and concrete curbs
  • Install new asphalt road surface

Project update

As construction wraps up for the 2020 season, Richmond Street has reopened to vehicle traffic.

Some finishing touches in the block of Richmond between King and Dundas will be completed in early 2021. This surface work implementing London’s Downtown Plan includes planting new trees, placing the final layer of asphalt, completing concrete sidewalks, and installing new garbage cans. These finishing touches have been delayed due to winter weather and supply challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Project Timeline

Stage 1: Richmond Street (York Street to King Street) – Spring 2020

Crews reconstructed Richmond Street between York Street and King Street

Stage 2: Intersection of Richmond Street and King Street - Summer/Fall 2020

Crews are reconstructing the intersection of Richmond Street and King Street

Stage 3: Richmond Street (King Street to Dundas Place) – Fall 2020

Crews are reconstructing Richmond Street from King Street to Dundas Place

Stage 4: Estimated completion date: Late Fall 2020

This infrastructure renewal project is scheduled to finish in late Fall 2020.

Stage 5: Touch-up work – Winter/Spring 2022

Crews will perform necessary finishing work such as laying a final layer of asphalt

Last modified:Tuesday, April 09, 2024