Personal electric kick-scooters

Woman riding a personal electric kick-scooter

An electric kick-scooter is a stand-up scooter powered by an electric motor and built with a large deck in the centre which the rider stands on. It has a handlebar that includes both a brake and throttle. It is not a kick-scooter without electric assist, a personal assistive mobility device, or an e-bike. 

They are legal in London for users age 16 and older. Riders aged 16 or 17 must wear a helmet when using an electric kick-scooter.  

Electric kick-scooters provide an efficient transportation option and can be used for trips that don’t require a personal vehicle. Using an electric kick-scooter instead of a motor vehicle is one way individuals can take action to support London's Climate Emergency Action Plan and reduce their carbon footprint.

Provincial electric kick-scooter pilot program

The Province of Ontario has an electric kick-scooter pilot program to evaluate the use of electric kick-scooters and determine whether existing provincial rules of the road/rules of operation are adequate. As part of the pilot, Ontario municipalities can determine if and how electric kick-scooters can be used in their community. London City Council has now authorized the use of personal electric kick-scooters. The pilot ends November 27, 2024.  

The City of London is participating in the pilot program for personal privately-owned electric kick-scooters only.

Commercial electric kick-scooter operations are prohibited. This means that electric kick-scooter share companies are not allowed to operate on public property in London for at least the duration of the provincial pilot.

Where electric kick-scooters can be used

Electric kick-scooters can be ridden on roadways posted at 50 kilometers an hour or less, in bike lanes, and on multi-use pathways including the Thames Valley Parkway following posted speed limits.

Electric kick-scooters cannot be used on sidewalks, hiking trails or in Environmentally Significant Areas. 

Under the pilot program, the speed limit of an electric kick-scooter is set at 24 kilometers per hour. 

Electric kick-scooter riders cannot carry passengers or cargo.

You can review the City’s Streets By-law, the City’s Traffic and Parking Bylaw, the City’s Parks and Recreation Area Bylaw, the City’s Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) Bylaw online, or the City's Electric Kick-scooter and Cargo Power-assisted Bicycle By-law

Parking an electric kick-scooter

Electric kick-scooters can be parked at bike racks like any bicycle.

Electric kick-scooters should not be left on the sidewalk where they become a tripping hazard and impede pedestrians.


Where you can ride bikes, e-scooters, e-bikes, mopeds and motorcycles

 Roadway (vehicle lanes)Bike lanes and cycle tracksMulti-use pathways (including the Thames Valley Parkway)Sidewalks
Personal electric kick-scootersYes**YesYesNo
E-bikes and cargo power-assisted bicycles up to 119 kilogramsYes**YesYesNo
Motor assisted bicycles, mopeds and motorcyclesYesNoNoNo
Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device NoYesYesYes

*Children under the age of 14 can ride bicycles on sidewalks in London.

**Personal electric kick-scooters and cargo power-assisted bicycles can only operate on roadways posted at 50km/hr or less. 


Last modified:Monday, June 10, 2024