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The Whole of Community System Response is an ongoing community process that has brought together dozens of organizations and hundred of individuals representing many different sectors across healthcare, education, business, social services, first responders, municipal services, and development amongst others. 

In all more than 200 individual leaders from all backgrounds and areas of expertise, representing more than 70 local organizations, came together over three summits in November and December 2022 and January 2023, with a pledge to do things differently.

Community partners will continue to collaborate with compassion and determination, to change the story of health and homelessness in the London community.          

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Respecting and Listening to Indigenous Colleagues

The City of London is commitment to greater representation and an effective process that is not designed in a colonial way, respecting the deep knowledge and consultation already inherent in the Giwetashkad Strategy. Based on that strategy, we will:

  • Support an Indigenous-led system response, recognizing the definition of Indigenous homelessness as separate and distinct from the common colonialist definition of homelessness.
  • Ensure representation in overall system governance and implementation co-design.
  • Follow the lead of Indigenous colleagues in this process.
  • Respect the intention to honour all relations in defining next steps.

The City of London is committed to ensuing a strong and continued focus on prevention and advocacy to address the systemic issues that cause community members to experience health and homelessness issues. It is important to underscore that this priority has not been lost, and will continue to be a top focus of all involved in the system response.

Last modified:Thursday, April 11, 2024