Mornington Storm Management Pond Expansion

The City will be expanding the Mornington Stormwater Management Pond on both the west and east side of the existing pond while also retrofitting it to help protect the community from flooding and to improve the health of the Thames River.

In addition, the City will be reconstructing Salisbury Street from Quebec Street to Glasgow Street, Glasgow Street from Salisbury Street to Connaught Avenue, and Connaught Avenue from Glasgow Street to the west entrance of McCormick Park to improve the quality and reliability of the area’s water, sewer, and road infrastructure.

The location

A map of the Mornington Pond Expansion. For more information, please contact Paul Titus at or by calling 519-661-2489 x 4948

The above map shows the project limits. Modifications will be made to the existing Mornington Stormwater Management Pond, and include expanding the pond to the east and west to provide more stormwater capacity in the area.

The work

Streetscape elements to be installed or replaced include:

  • replacement of sidewalks, concrete curbs, and gutters
  • new asphalt road surface

Vital infrastructure and sewer upgrades include:

  • expansion of the Mornington Pond on the west and east sides
  • retrofit of the existing pond
  • partial replacement of existing sewer private drain connections
  • removal of the water reservoir on the east side of the pond
  • replacement of watermain, sanitary and storm sewers

The benefits

  • the expanded stormwater management pond will provide erosion and flood protection while also improving water quality for nearby residents and business owners
  • an expanded park area will be created to the west of the pond which will include additional pathway loops with benches and added plantings.
  • improved safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists
  • enhanced potential for growth in the area due to underground infrastructure improvements
  • improvements to the health of the Thames River by reducing sewage overflows

Contact us

Paul Titus, LET, C.E.T., CAN-CISEC

Program manager

519-661-2489 x 4948

Project Timeline

Spring 2021: Start of construction

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2021 and is anticipated to last until fall 2021.

Last modified:Monday, March 15, 2021