Traffic calming

As part of our commitment to making streets accessible and safe for all, the City uses a variety of traffic calming measures to reduce dangerous driving and allow residents to enjoy their neighbourhoods.

In addition to these measures, the City launched a new area speed limits program, which aims to make our streets safer for all road users by lowering speed limits on roads with high pedestrian and cycling usage.

Traffic calming measures

Examples of traffic calming measures include:

  • on-street parking
  • speed cushions
  • raised intersections and crosswalks
  • textured crosswalks
  • curb extensions

How do I request a traffic calming assessment in my neighbourhood?

The City’s goal is to ensure all residential roads function as intended within a neighbourhood, and that all users in the neighbourhood feel safe. Our traffic calming practices and procedures are based on over 25 years of experience in engineering roads and educating residents.

To qualify for traffic calming requires passing a number of steps designed to filter out normal traffic and ensure significant community support.

For a copy of the complete Traffic Calming Practice and Procedures you can contact the City at

  • To request a traffic calming assessment, please download and fill out the form here, noting that you will need at least 10 signatures from residents of the specified street.
  • Our team will explore the request and decide if a traffic calming measure is needed. Please note that this process doesn’t always result in the City recommend installing a traffic calming measure. Studies have shown that the wrong type of measure may make residential streets unsafe.

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Last modified:Monday, April 22, 2024