Commemorative programs

A donation through the City’s commemorative program is a lasting and rewarding way to honour the memory of a loved one, celebrate a special occasion or recognize an accomplishment.

Your donation becomes a special tribute for your occasion, as well as an enduring gift to all Londoners within our public parks. Donations provided through the commemorative program are eligible for a charitable receipt.

There are several options available for commemorative features, including trees, benches, our memory wall or naturalization plantings.

Commemorative benches

Commemorative benches offer a place for peaceful reflection. Benches can be installed along pathways in most parks across the city other than Victoria Park, Ivey Park or the Civic Garden Complex at Springbank Park. 

Included with your donation is a personalized plaque and maintenance for the lifetime of the bench which is estimated at about fifteen years. Plaques require a lead time of at least 8 weeks to produce.

Benches are installed in spring and fall with deadlines of May 15th and September 15th.

Donation amount


Additional information

To receive a copy of the plaque template, please contact

Commemorative trees and naturalizations projects

Help enhance our “Forest City” by making a donation to plant a commemorative tree in one of our parks or contributing toward a naturalization project. The City of London is part of the Carolinian eco-region. Carolinian trees improve air quality, provide food and habitat for insects and animals, create shade, and look beautiful too.

Locations may be determined based on individual park needs and optimal tree growth. The City is supportive of adding commemorative trees in most parks other than Victoria Park, Ivey Park or the Civic Garden Area of Springbank. The City completes tree plantings in the spring and fall with deadlines of May 15th and September 15th. Plaques cannot be installed with commemorative trees.

The City also welcomes donations toward sustaining London’s parks and natural areas by supporting community planting project, creating or enhancing wildlife habitat, and provide interest for park visitors.

Donation amount

$500.00 (for commemorative tree)

$20.00 (minimum for naturalization contribution)

Additional information

To receive a copy of the commemorative tree brochure or the commemorative tree and naturalizations form, please contact

Memory wall

Located in Springbank Park’s Graham Arboretum, the Memory Wall features granite tablets with personalized engravings in a peaceful and reflective natural setting. For a donation amount of $1500.00, a custom inscription will be included during the annual autumn engraving of the wall. The deadline is August 15.  A portion of your donation is used to help maintain and enhance the Arboretum.

Donation amount


Additional information

To receive a copy of the memory wall application form, please contact


Last modified:Friday, November 05, 2021