Southdale Road West and Wickerson Road Environmental Assessment


Southdale Road West between Boler and Wickerson Roads is a street that creates many challenges for all road users, with steep curves and hills that make it difficult to see, especially at night.

Wickerson Road is also in need of sewer system improvements due to future development in this area.

This Environmental Assessment explored a variety of planning solutions to address the challenges in the area. Through the Environmental Study Report, road improvements were recommended that aligned with recommendations endorsed by our City’s 2030 Transportation Master Plan, the London Plan and the Cycling Master Plan, including:

  • adding bike lanes along Southdale Road West
  • realigning and repaving Southdale Road West to eliminate steep curves
  • extending the existing multi-use trail on the north side of Southdale Road West from Bramblewood Place to the existing Boler Mountain Access Road
  • installing sidewalks on the east side of Wickerson Road and north side of Southdale Road West and the south side of Southdale Road West between Colonel Talbot Road and Boler Road.
  • improving the sewer system

These recommendations are designed to do the following, among other factors:

  • help encourage an active lifestyle
  • increase safety for all road users
  • improve sewer drainage in the area
  • accommodate future growth in the city

Current status

The Environmental Assessment is now complete, and Council approved the plan in February 2020.

Study area

The Environmental Assessment study area included Southdale Road West between Byron Hills Drive and Wickerson Road and Wickerson Road between Southdale Road West and Wickerson Gate. For more information, please contact Peter Kavcic by emailing or calling 519-661-2489 extension 4581.


Project Timeline

2016: Start of the Environmental Assessment

The City sent out a notice of commencement to residents, business owners and interested stakeholders to notify them of the Environmental Assessment's start.

March 2017: First Public Information Session

A Public Information Centre was scheduled for March 2017 at the Byron Optimist Community Centre  - interested parties were encouraged to attend. The public provided comments specific to the Southdale Road West and Wickerson Road improvements to the project team - critical to the development of this environmental assessment.

May 2018: Second Public Information Session

A Public Information Centre was scheduled for November 2019 at Byron United Church. The team provided all interested parties with an update on the project and listened to feedback that was critical to shaping the recommendations provided by the Environmental Study Report.

April 2019: Environmental Study Report completed

The project team prepared an Environmental Study Report that presents the Environmental Assessment results, including details on the road improvement recommendations. The team is currently in the detailed design stage of the project.

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