Community resources

Settlement providers in London

505 Dundas St.
London, ON – N6B 1W4
Phone: 519-432-1133

1193 Oxford St. E., Unit 2 
London, ON – N5Y 3M2
Phone: 519-452-1466
Email: info@lusocentre

Sherwood Forest Mall
27A-1225 Wonderland Road North
London, ON - N6G 2V9
Phone: 519-471-8444

1119 Jalna Blvd.
London, ON - N6E 3B3
Phone: 519-686-8600

Association Services
165 Elmwood Ave. E.
London, ON - N6C 0A8

142 Fullarton St.
London, ON - N6A 5P3
Phone: 519-451-5194

920 Huron St.
London, ON - N5Y 4K4
Phone: 519-673-1977   

141 Dundas Street, 4th Floor

London, ON - N6A 1G3
(Entrance on Market Lane)
Phone: 519-663-0774

Employment support

For a list of services in the City of London, please use the following link.

Community and Religion

For information on cultural and religious communities in London, please use the following link.

Support for Basic Needs

For a list of resources and community agencies offering basic needs supports in London, please use the following link.

Childcare services

For information on childcare services in London, please use the following link.

Last modified:Wednesday, April 17, 2024