Development charges

Development charges play an important role in how growth infrastructure is financed in London. Development charges are fees collected to help pay for the cost of grwoth infrastructure required to service new development, such as transportation, transit, water/sewer infrastructure, community centres, fire, police and library facilities. Development charges do not pay for operating costs or infrastructure renewal.

At least every ten years, the City conducts a development charges background study to forecast the City’s future residential and non-residential growth to determine infrastructure needs and costs.  This information is used to calculate development charges and enacted in a DC By-law.

The City of London currently does not have any educational development charges or community benefit charges.

To learn more watch the world of development charges video:

DC Rate Information

Previous Year's Rate Information

DC Act Requirements

2021 Development Charges By-law

DC Claimable Works

Please email to request the following Excel worksheets and documents: 

  • Initial Proposal Review (IPR) – Claimable works and DC revenue estimate worksheet
  • Summary of DC claims from the City Services Reserve Funds (CSRF) 
  • DC Claimable Works Checklist
Last modified:Wednesday, July 17, 2024