Property Standards By-law

All owners of property within the City of London - including those used as rental properties - must maintain their premises according to the minimum standards set out within the City by-laws.  The Property Standards By-law CP-24 expresses many of the standards related to general maintenance, repair, safety, and security for all properties including:

  • Interior and exterior property maintenance;
  • Human habitation and occupancy standards;
  • Requirements for residential heating, electricity and water supply (Vital Services);
  • Building structure and safety standards;
  • Heritage, vacant and abandoned buildings.
  • Pest infestations;
  • Dangerous, dead, or unsafe trees
How do I make a complaint about a Property Standards issue?

You can report a potential by-law violation by emailing or by phoning 519-661-4660.

What if I rent and have questions about my rental unit or landlord responsibilities?

For tenant-specific information, please refer to Rental Housing Support.

Read the by-law

There are many other municipal by-laws and provincial acts that work in combination with the Property Standards By-law that provide further detail and define specific municipal authority. All of the by-laws are enforced by the City's  Municipal Compliance, Code Compliance and, in some cases, London Police Service teams.


Last modified:Friday, March 24, 2023