Our organization

We have restructured our organization  so that we’re better positioned to deliver on Council’s priorities and direction, and the services we provide to Londoners every day.

The following provides an overview of the new service areas and their focus.

Social and Health Development

This service area is focused on supporting people through all stages of life by providing access to quality services and supports. These teams will support the foundations that people need to be successful in life, beginning with access to quality early years and child care services, and continuing with supports that are available through every stage of life.

Kevin Dickins is the Deputy City Manager, Social and Health Development.

Services within Social Health and Development
Long Term Care

The Dearness Home provides long term care supports to residents in this 243-bed facility. As well, The Dearness Home operates an adult day program that includes recreational programming and personal care supports for individuals living in the community; caregiver respite; and optional door to door transportation provision. 

Life Stabilization

This team helps individuals and families receiving social supports (Ontario Works) gain stability through case management supports, referrals and connections to the labour market through employment support services, as well as connect to health benefits. This team also works closely with several community organizations to help individuals access additional supports where available.

Child care and Early Years

This team oversees and delivers funding and resourcing to child care and early year providers in London and Middlesex County, providing child care fee subsidy supports to eligible families. This team is also directly involved in creating and supporting EarlyON Child and Family Centres.

Housing Stability Services

This team provides a wide range of services and programs to individuals experiencing homelessness and to those seeking more suitable or affordable housing as part of the social housing system. Working with emergency shelter providers and housing first program agencies, this team helps with the provision of temporary, transitional, supportive, and permanent housing supports.


Neighbourhood & Community-Wide Services 

This service area is focused on strengthening the quality of life for all Londoners through access to key services and supports in their neighbourhoods and across the community. With a focus on health and wellbeing, this area provides leadership and support for the tools, policies and programs that affect change in neighbourhoods and across the community.

Cheryl Smith is the Deputy City Manager, Neighbourhood and Community-Wide Services.

Services within Neighbourhood and Community-Wide Services
Community Development and Grants

This team provides strategic supports and investments in community grants, community-wide special events, development and implementation of community-driven plans, neighbourhood activities, and policy, research, and evaluation supports, all with a goal of supporting community growth and development.

Recreation and Sport

The Recreation and Sport team is responsible for all aspects of recreation and sport programming, and community and sport facilities to provide all Londoners with opportunities to be active, learn new skills, connect with one another, and share their interests.

Culture Services

This team is responsible for promoting collaboration, communication, and knowledge and resource sharing for the cultural sector. This includes culture program management, working with culture-focussed service partners, and leading the City’s Public Art and Monument program.

London Fire Department

The London Fire Department (LFD) is responsible for fire and rescue services and fire prevention and education to keep Londoners safe. This includes Fire and Rescue Services as well as Fire Prevention and Education.


Environment and Infrastructure

This service area focuses on protecting the environment and on planning, designing, building, operating, and maintaining our infrastructure, our parks, and our critical services like water, wastewater, stormwater, transportation, and waste management.

Kelly Scherr is the Deputy City Manager,  Environment and Infrastructure.

Services within  Environment and Infrastructure
Construction and Infrastructure Services

This team brings together Geomatics, Construction Administration and Major Projects, to provide construction and infrastructure support services.  This team coordinates the delivery of infrastructure projects from our annual infrastructure renewal programs to once-in-a-generation projects like rapid transit.

Climate Change, Environment and Waste Management

This team leads and coordinates the response to climate change and watershed protection. They are also responsible for waste management, including waste collection and landfilling, waste diversion through programs like the Blue Box, EnviroDepots, Hazardous & Special Products, the upcoming Green Bin program, and the long-term resource recovery strategy as part of the circular economy.

Water, Wastewater and Stormwater

This team provides critical drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services to all Londoners. They are responsible for all aspects of our drinking water distribution, sewer collection, wastewater treatment and stormwater management systems and play a key role in protecting the health of residents and the environment.

Transportation and Mobility

This team provides the planning, design, operations, and maintenance services for our transportation infrastructure. They are responsible for the safety of all road users, the delivery of active transportation projects and all the traffic control devices and lighting systems on our roads.  They also make sure roads, sidewalks and cycling infrastructure are well-maintained year-round through repairs and maintenance activities, like sweeping and snow and ice management.

Parks and Forestry

This team provides services that protect London’s forests and trees, plan and manage our park spaces and create great places like extensions to the Thames Valley Parkway. They have an important role in keeping our city beautiful, managing our gardens and street landscaping.


Planning and Economic Development

This service area brings together the critical functions that help drive our growth – economically, physically, and also in areas of key priorities like affordable housing. There are also points of accountability focused on the core within this service area.

Scott Mathers is the Deputy City Manager, Planning and Economic Development. 

Services within Planning and Economic Development
Planning and Development

This area is responsible for the long-range planning and development of the City, and in shaping a City that is exciting, exceptional, and connected. From the development of policy and the growth management framework to the final approval and inspections of site plans associated with development and redevelopment, this team provides this team provides professional technical advice, recommendations, implementation, and development approval across the full spectrum of the growth and development in the City.

Economic Services and Supports

This area oversees and implements City-wide strategic economic initiatives and incentive programs and supports core area business growth and retention. This team will focus on urban regeneration, economic partnerships, strategic land development, industrial land development strategy and land development, departmental client services, technology initiatives and operational supports.


This area is focused on the administration and enforcement of the Ontario Building Code, ensuring the health and safety of building occupants through the issuance of building permits and building/plumbing inspections. This area also processes sign and pool fence permits, as well as offers an established business hub supporting proponents of new businesses.

Municipal Compliance

Based on the municipal principals of health and safety, consumer protection, nuisance control, crime prevention and community quality of life, this team implements Council’s By-laws focusing on engagement, education, and enforcement. This includes municipal compliance, parking, community by-laws, animal welfare, and policy.

Municipal Housing Development

This area focuses on the development, repair, and retention of social and affordable housing units in the City of London and the County of Middlesex. This includes providing housing administration and support services, administration of government funding programs and major capital projects related to social and affordable housing and providing support services geared to developers and providers of housing units.

Tourism London

Tourism London operates as a destination marketing organization, dedicated to positioning London as a preferred tourism destination.  Working with partners, Tourism London facilitates the development and marketing of London's tourism and hospitality industry and economic well-being.


Finance Supports

This service area brings together all the key enablers from a finance, facilities, fleet, and realty perspective.

Anna Lisa Barbon is the Deputy City Manager, Finance Supports.

Services within Finance Supports
Financial Planning and Business Support

This team provides financial support for budget development and monitoring, financial reporting, financial analysis and decision-making, business planning, business case development and service review for the City’s budget. This team also leads long-term financial planning activities for the organization and for the development, implementation, and monitoring of financial policies.

Financial Services

This team is responsible for financial reporting and procurement. This team also provides organizational coordination, support, and administration of services that include payments, collections, payroll, financial systems, supply services, and ensures that property taxes are properly billed and collected in accordance with Council policy and governing legislation.

Capital Assets and Projects

This team supports and coordinates the planning, decision making, accounting and administration of the City’s capital infrastructure in keeping with legislated requirements.  This team also conducts detailed technical studies to inform recommendations to Council on funding required to meet levels of service for existing assets and Development Charges rates necessary to provide new infrastructure for growing communities.

Fleet and Facilities

This team provides a full suite of asset management functions for the City’s fleet and facilities. This includes capital planning and projects, life cycle renewal, preventative maintenance, repair and service programs, technical, design and construction services, energy Management and green fleet programs. The team focuses on delivering consultive fleet and facility services that supports the priorities of safety, productivity, reliability, and conservation while maintaining economic and budget responsibility.

Realty Services

This team provides advice on property matters and supports the management of the City’s asset portfolio by managing property acquisition, industrial land marketing and sales, disposition, property management, lease administration and negotiations.  This team also contributes towards the effective and efficient management of the City’s land portfolio. 


Legal Services

This service area brings together the critical supports that administration requires in working with Council, as well as providing risk mitigation and legal services.

Tara Pollitt is the Deputy City Manager, Legal Services.

Services within Legal Services
City Solicitor’s Office

The City Solicitor’s Office is an in-house legal team comprised of lawyers and paralegals who provide services directly to the Council and the civic administration.

City Clerk’s Office

The City Clerk’s Office supports meetings of the Council and its committees, provides advice to Members of Council and the Civic Administration on legislative matters and provides a number of public and legislative services including record management, municipal elections, licences and permits.

Prosecutors’ Office

The Prosecutors are responsible for the prosecution of provincial offences in the Ontario Court of Justice, pursuant to a memorandum of understanding with the province.

Courts Administration

The Courts Administration team is responsible for court facility operations at 824 Dundas Street. The administrative duties include support for the Justices of the Peace, management of court records, collection of fines, and reporting.

Risk Management

The Risk group is responsible for insurance management and liability avoidance on behalf of the City and many of its subsidiaries. The primary functions include risk awareness, education, claims intake and adjusting and reporting.

Top of the Hall

The “Top of the Hall” is a combined cafeteria and catering service located on the 12th floor of City Hall. 


Enterprise Supports

This service area supports the organization by ensuring the City is consistent, strategic, standardized and prepared from a people, technology, communications, emergency management/security and service perspective.

John Paradis is the Deputy City Manager, Enterprise Supports.

Services within Enterprise Supports
People Services

This team is responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of the Human Resources Division, with a focus on developing a culture that is people-focused and delivers service excellence, innovation, and high performance.

Information Technology Services

This team is responsible for the planning, management and support of the City of London’s technology environment. ITS partners with all City services to provide transformative and reliable solutions that enhance public service delivery.

Emergency Management and Security

This team provides leadership to the community and corporate environment by providing comprehensive programs in security, emergency management, business continuity, and emergency communications.

Service London

This team improves access to City services through the modernization and integration of our customer service channels and infrastructure. The Service London Contact Centre is the first point of contact for City information and services related to public works (roads, trees, garbage, and recycling, etc.) and enforcement.

Human Rights

This team is responsible for fulfilling the City of London’s legal obligation under the Ontario Human Rights Code to provide every employee with a work environment that is safe and free from harassment and discrimination. 

City Manager’s Office

Sandra Datars Bere is the City Manager

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

This team is responsible for guiding and implementing an overarching vision, identity, and strategy to position the City of London as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization and community.  This team will also work collaboratively within the community and across the organization to establish shared understanding and values to combat and interrupt inequity, discrimination, racism and oppression, specific to marginalized individuals and communities.

Strategy and Innovation

This team is responsible for public reporting on the achievement of Council’s Strategic Plan, the Citizen Satisfaction Survey, open data and other corporate reporting. Strategy and Innovation also oversees the development of an enterprise-wide approach to organizational capabilities and serves as the single point of accountability for Council’s commitment to ‘Creating a Safe London for Women and Girls.’

Strategic Communications 

This team helps promote transparency, openness, and community engagement by providing leadership in developing communications strategies, corporate marketing and promotion, community engagement, media relations, and creative services. 


Last modified:Thursday, July 04, 2024