Top reasons to work for us


Working for the City of London has many perks! Read our list of top reasons why employees like working here.

1. Competitive benefit and compensation packages

We recognize the importance of taking care of our employees! At the City of London, we offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefit packages for various employment positions. Eligible employees are also enrolled into the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) Plan – starting on the very first day! 

2. Flexible work arrangements

Some of our employee groups have flexible work arrangements, including flexible schedules or remote work opportunities. 

Employees that work remotely are provided with the equipment and technology required to perform their tasks. 

3. We love London!

Our employees take pride in working for a city that offers great amenities, services and programs! Londoners love our urban trails (notably the Thames Valley Parkway), outdoor parks, events, thriving arts and culture scene and our recreation programs

London is a hub for post-secondary education, with our educational institutions bringing in thousands of students every year. We are also well situated for regional and international travel – we have the London International Airport, VIA Rail train station and travel bus stations! Visit the London Economic Development Corporation or Tourism London for more information about why you should choose London, Ontario.

4. We care about our community

Our employees care about our community and the environment. We provide bike parking, showers and lockers at several of our locations to encourage employees to make active transportation a part of your day. Our employees participate in events and programs to give back to the community supporting local organizations such as United Way and Business Cares Food Drive. 

5. The perks

Working for the City of London comes with many perks! This includes employee sports leagues and corporate discounts for fitness memberships, travel, cell phone and continuing education at post-secondary institutes. 

6. Commitment to equity and inclusion

We strive to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances, has equal opportunities to succeed. We are committed to fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and openness. We prioritize diversity in hiring and decision-making processes, and we actively identify and address biases that may exist within our organization. 

We provide employees with training and education to help raise awareness about issues of equity and inclusion, and to empower our employees to be allies and advocates for change. We also offer Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which are communities of belonging for employees who share a common social identity and their allies. ERGs plan and implement activities that help to foster an inclusive workplace culture. Ultimately, our goal is to create a workplace where everyone feels seen, heard and valued, and where each person can bring their whole selves to work without fear of discrimination or prejudice. Review our Workplace Equity and Inclusion Action Plan for more information regarding our initiatives.

7. Opportunities to grow in your career

We support you as you begin your career at the City, and we continue supporting you as you develop and advance in your career. We offer a series of learning opportunities and career pathing program for employees who wish to develop their professional skills. 

8. Health, safety and wellness supports

We understand the importance of providing a variety of supports to our employees and their families. We have several resources available to employees, such as Employee Assistance Programs, wellness programs and events, and a digital catalogue of resources. We are also committed to a ‘Culture of Safety’ that is supported by a strong occupational health and safety program.  

9. Work-life balance

We understand the importance of having time for our families, friends and hobbies. 

We offer statutory holidays, paid vacation days and leave of absence opportunities for eligible employees.  

10. The People Plan

The People Plan is our guide to creating a workplace that is respectful, inclusive and collaborative. It supports our efforts in attracting and retaining a talented and diverse workforce to ensure that we can deliver valued services to the community. 

Last modified:Wednesday, July 03, 2024