Age Friendly London Network

The City of London supports multiple initiatives and resources to enhance seniors’ lived experience in our community.  

In 2010, the City of London became the first city in Canada to join the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Network of Age Friendly Cities.

The Age Friendly London Network is made up of over 100 volunteer older adults, caregivers, service providers and anyone with an interest in aging.  The Network is responsible for implementing strategies that make London a more age friendly city and support Londoners as they age.

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What is the network?

There are 165 members and 80 local agencies that work to implement AFL Action Plan. Membership in the Network is open to anyone with an interest in supporting the London vision of an Age Friendly City: A diverse, vibrant, caring and healthy community which empowers all individuals to age well and have opportunities to achieve their full potential.

The Network is comprised of 8 Working Groups who are implementing the Plan's action steps.

Working Groups
Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Action Plan Strategies:

1. Influence neighbourhood design to support aging in place.

2. Increase the age friendliness of parks, pathways, and trails.

3. Promote existing age friendly programs and amenities.


Action Plan Strategies:

Engage older adults in the planning and development of transportation initiatives.

Improve the accessibility of city roads and sidewalks.

Increase engagement of older adults within neighbourhoods to develop and promote active transportation initiatives.

Improve accessibility of public transit.

Improve transportation options for older adults across the city.

Enhance access to transportation information.


Action Plan Strategies:

Raise awareness of housing options available for older adults.

Support and empower older adults to age in place with dignity.

Educate housing providers about the need for increased appropriate housing stock for older adults.

Social Participation

Action Plan Strategies:

Build strong partnerships among organizations to enhance social opportunities.

Reduce barriers to participation in recreation and social opportunities for older adults.

Promote the benefits of older adults participating in meaningful activities.

Respect and Social Inclusion

Action Plan Strategies:

1. Reframe how older adults are portrayed and celebrate their contributions in our community.

2. Increase and promote quality intergenerational opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

3. Empower older adults to have a voice in their own advocacy. 

Employment and Volunteerism

Action Plan Strategies:

Improve access to information about employment opportunities for older job seekers.

Increase meaningful volunteer opportunities for older adults.

Increase skill-building opportunities for older adults.

Communication and Information

Action Plan Strategies:

Communicate and promote the work and accomplishments of the Network.

Promote resources and tools that support our community to better serve older adults.

Community Support and Health Services

Action Plan Strategies:

Reduce barriers that older adults experience with finding and using healthcare services and community supports.

Improve awareness of existing programs and services that support healthy aging.

Improve awareness and availability of services and supports for caregivers.

Seniors Resources & Events

This Seniors' Resources information site was created in partnership with the Age Friendly London Network to help seniors in London and Middlesex find information and resources relevant to their needs.

Celebrate Every Day Heroes

London recognizes older adults in the community who dedicate their time and energy to helping others. Not only does the community benefit, but these 55+ adults express more confidence, fulfillment and enjoyment in their lives as they age.

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Last modified:Monday, April 25, 2022