Wellington Gateway

The Wellington Gateway will revitalize approximately six km of key arterial road between Downtown and Highway 401. The project will widen Wellington Road to add continuous transit-only lanes. The goal is to improve traffic capacity and increase transit frequency and reliability while also addressing necessary underground work, including replacing aging sewers and underground infrastructure.

In March 2023,  Phase 1 of construction will begin on Wellington Street between York Street and just north of the Thames River.

This project has received funding commitments from the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario to support 10 transit and transit-supportive projects.

Rendering of the Wellington Gateway

The location

A map of the Wellington Gateway. For more information, please email wellingtongateway@london.ca or call the City’s Major Projects office at 519-930-3518.

The work

The project will:

  • widen Wellington Road to add continuous transit-only lanes
  • improve the alignment of the Wellington S-curve between Weston and Moore Streets
  • add dedicated turn lanes at signalized intersections for general traffic
  • build a park-and-ride facility near Highway 401
  • install improved traffic systems that include transit signal priority, sensors, and video to reduce intersection delays and shorten travel times
  • create a transit hub on Wellington Road outside of White Oaks Mall to improve transit to south London’s industrial areas
  • widen Clark’s Bridge, which crosses the Thames River between Grand Avenue and South Street, to accommodate two traffic lanes, two new transit-only lanes, and a multi-use path for cyclists and pedestrians
  • add multi-use active transportation paths along the corridor
  • replace 100-year-old sewers and watermains, and other utility infrastructure

The benefits

Construction will result in:

  • improvements to the alignment of the Wellington S-curve, adding dedicate bus lanes as well as dedicated turn lanes will increase driver safety
  • the Wellington Gateway providing opportunities to improve transit to south London’s industrial employment areas and greater connections to neighbouring municipalities
  • the new park-and-ride facility improving connectivity with employment areas and surrounding municipalities.
  • the multi-use path on Clark’s bridge improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians
  • replacing aging infrastructure that will address flooding

Project updates


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Project Timeline

March 2023: Start of Construction

This project is scheduled to begin construction  in March 2023 and take approximately three years to complete

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