Sunningdale Road Environmental Assessment


Sunningdale Road is a two-lane street in north London where traffic volumes are steadily increasing, and road improvements are required to meet travel demand. Major intersections along the road are already beginning to experience operational challenges due to high traffic volumes and turning movements, including at Wonderland Road, Richmond Street, and Adelaide Street, where the existing conditions warrant improving the intersections.

This Environmental Assessment was initiated to explore solutions to address challenges along Sunningdale Road, between Wonderland Road North and Adelaide Street North, including safety, traffic congestion, comfort and convenience, speed and travel time.

Through the Environmental Study Report, a number of improvements were recommended for Sunningdale Road that aligned with the Transportation Master Plan, including:

  • widening the road from two to four lanes to meet the projected transportation requirements in the area, with auxiliary turn lanes at intersections where warranted
  • intersection improvements at two major intersections (Wonderland Road and Adelaide Street)
  • improving the Richmond Street intersection by adding left/right turn lanes
  • cycling infrastructure throughout the Study Area
  • sidewalks for both sides of Sunningdale Road
  • a three-metre pathway under the Medway Creek Bridge to allow future connections to the east path system 

Study Area

The study area is Sunningdale Road from Wonderland Road North to Adelaide Street North. For more information, please contact Michelle Morris at or 519-661-2489 extension 5806.


Current status

The Environmental Assessment is complete, and Council approved the plan in June 2012. The recent Development Charges Background Study (2021) identified the segment  between Wonderland Road and Richmond Street to be constructed in 2023, and the segment between Richmond Street and Adelaide Street to be constructed in 2025.

After careful assessment during the detailed design stage of the project, it was determined that a deferral of the Wonderland Road to Richmond Street construction is required, as further work is needed to obtain agreements and approvals related to an Imperial Oil pipeline traveling beneath a section of the roadway. The further work will ensure that the project can be completed in a cost-effective manner and in compliance with provincial requirements. 

To progress the project, the planned work at the Sunningdale Road and Richmond Street Intersection will be completed as a stand-alone project. The project is targeted for construction in 2024 and will include the following features: 

  • Widening from two to four lanes (two lanes in each direction) on Sunningdale Road approaching the intersection.
  • Addition of a new north bound right turn lane on Richmond Street.
  • New in boulevard pedestrian and cycling facilities within the project limits.
  • Replacement of the traffic signals and enhanced street lighting.
  • New curb and gutter and landscaping along the boulevards, including the planting of new trees.
  • Upgrading and replacing underground infrastructure, including storm sewers.

Sunningdale Road Construction Phases*

A map of different construction phases along Sunningdale Road. For assistance, please contact


*Construction phases are subject to approvals and agreements.

Project Timeline

August 2009: Start of Environmental Assessment

The City sent out a notice of commencement to residents, business owners and interested stakeholders to notify them of the Environmental Assessment's start.

October 2009: First Public Information Centre

A Public Information Centre was scheduled for October 2009 - interested parties were encouraged to attend. They provided comments specific to the potential realignment of Commissioners Road West to the project team, which were critical to the development of this environmental assessment.

June 2011: Second Public Information Centre

A Public Information Centre was scheduled for November 2011. The team provided all interested parties with an update on the project and listened to feedback that was critical to shaping the recommendations provided by the Environmental Study Report.

June 2012: Environmental Study Report completed

The Environmental Assessment is now complete, and Council approved the plan in 2012.

2021 - Current: Detailed design

The project is now in detailed design.

Summer 2024 - Phase 2 construction (Sunningdale Road and Richmond Street intersection)

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