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Housing stability for all

Homelessness in London is a complex issue that impacts all Londoners. The City of London has a leadership role in developing a sustainable and integrated housing stability system and has developed a number of initiatives and action items - both immediate and long term - to address the challenges of our community’s homeless challenges.

The Housing Stability for All Plan sets a vision and defines a new direction for the collective work of the community to address housing stability, focused on four strategic areas, over the next five years. Each strategic area of focus has a goal, result, strategies, actions and measures that will guide the work of the community now and in the future.

At Housing Stability Services, various teams work towards the Housing Stability for All Plan. To learn more about the teams and the crucial work they do, please watch the video below.

Learn more about the strategic areas of focus under the Housing Stability for All Plan and the recent achievements under each below:

Respond to the homelessness crisis
Actions2021 Mid-Year Update on Achievements

Develop a coordinated access system that addresses the immediate needs of individuals and families.

Created Positive Pathways Initiative with probation and parole which supports individuals connected to the criminal justice system to connect with housing services

Engage partners in the Coordinated Informed Response, including those with lived and/or living experience.

The Core Area Prolific Offenders Diversion Project is a pilot partnership between London Police Service and the City of London aimed at reducing interactions with the justice system for a list of prolific offenders through housing stability.  The City of London Housing Stability Services provides a peer support Outreach team to this program the City of London Life Stabilization provides client support. 

Provide the right level of support at the right time to decrease the use of emergency services.

On May 17th, 2021, My Sisters Place CMHA launched an overnight Resting Space program for women.  The program serves up to ten women nightly and provides female identified individuals a space to rest, meet their basic needs and access supports.  Since opening this program My Sisters Place has received over 547 community referrals and served over 486 overnight participants.

Work with London Police Service and Emergency Medical Services to establish an engagement protocol to support individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

The Core Area Prolific Offenders Diversion Project is a pilot partnership between London Police Service and the City of London aimed at reducing interactions with the justice system for a list of prolific offenders.  Individuals on this list are experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

Improve diversion practices to better assist individuals and families to secure housing.

Coordinated Access increased staffing compliment to better respond to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.   Client Service Representatives receive phone, email and front counter inquiries from the general public looking to access services through Coordinated Access. Access Coordinators work to prevent and divert homelessness where possible and connect Londoners to housing services offered through Coordinated Access.

Implement unique opportunities to support rapid rehousing options.

In June 2021, Coordinated Informed Response supported the wind down of the temporary Winter Response day and overnight resting spaces. The Ark Aid Wish support program shifted to a transitional supportive housing model at a different location.  The transitional supportive housing program is aimed at continuing service provision for individuals from the temporary Winter resting space location by supporting them to achieve housing stability and permanent housing.

Provide financial supports to assist individuals to secure housing.

From January to July of 2021, the Housing Stability Bank supported a total of 804 households with Utility and Rental Assistance.


Create more housing stock


2021 Mid-Year Update on Achievements

Develop publicly owned and available lands for affordable housing.

On July 14, 2021, the City of London together with its Housing Development Corporation announced a partnership with Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services for 42 affordable multi-residential units 18 Elm Street, London. This site will advance culturally appropriate housing focused on Indigenous people, specifically including young mothers and their children, through the Urban Indigenous Homeward Bound program. More information can be found here: https://getinvolved.london.ca/housingstability

5 new sites are under development or in pre-development stage for new affordable housing.

Implement tools, policies, and programs (the municipal housing toolbox) to create new affordable housing through a Community Improvement Plan (CIP), zoning bylaw update, inclusionary zoning (IZ), bonusing, secondary units, etc.

In 2021, 42 new affordable rental housing units have been negotiated by the Housing Development Corporation, London (HDC) and approved by Council through Section 37 bonus zoning and legal agreements, with no additional cost to the municipality.

A total of 149 bonused units have been negotiated and approved through Council since 2018.


Through section 37 Bonusing, HDC negotiated 4 fully owned condo units to be aligned through Housing Stability Services.

Explore opportunities to stimulate new affordable housing through government legislation.*

The 61-unit affordable housing development at 122 Base Line Road continues to rapidly progress and is on target. Future tenants will be matched through the City’s Housing Stability Services lists.

Base Line was approved for $2,380,712 in 2021 though the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative and for $4,761,421 under the Social Services Relief Fund.  

 More information can be found here: https://getinvolved.london.ca/housingstability

CMHC has announced that London will receive $10.8 million through Rapid Housing Initiative round 2. London has submitted an application for 44 units at 403 Thompson Road, London.

More information can be found here: https://getinvolved.london.ca/housingstability

A partnership with Habitat for Humanity has assisted in funding 20 units of affordable home ownership.

Work is concluding on 440 Clarke Road and 228 Dundas St. for a total of 77 new completed units

CMHC has announced Co-Investment funding for two affordable housing projects at 99 Pond Mills Road, through Homes Unlimited (London) and at 191 Commissioners Road West though PAM Gardens, for a total of 175 new units.


Providing housing supports
Actions2021 Mid-Year Update on Achievements

Work with individuals and families to determine their support needs and expand programs that assist them in moving towards their housing goals.*

There were 29 new Canada Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB) participants for a combined total of 406 from the last report. Along with expecting to support an additional 11 households. COHB is a monthly portable housing benefit program that assists eligible households with their housing costs.

6 new Community Housing Bridge allowances were approved, which provides ongoing housing allowances to eligible applicants, for a total of 52.

25 new rent supplements were provided to Federal Co-ops with expired operating agreements.

21 new housing allowances were funded towards the provincial Anti Human Trafficking program initiative.

Provide education and supports for landlords and tenants to improve housing stability.*

Support funding for a ‘Dealing with Difficult People Workshop’, training event was provided and attended by 11 Co-op Property Managers.

Develop and implement an eviction prevention strategy to support housing stability.


Implement eviction and prevention programs to support individuals and families from entering homelessness.

42 households had their tenancy saved  from evection through the Housing Stability Table eviction prevention program.

Transform the service system
Actions2021 Mid-Year Update on Achievements

Articulate a clear vision for the delivery of housing stability for all.*

A regular housing quarterly report was established to provide Council and the community with regular proactive updates on all housing initiatives across various City service areas.

The Housing Stability Action Plan (HSAP) Implementation Team, together with Corporate Communications, has created a new web-based page that will be updated quarterly to provide the most up to date information in a format that members of the public, including Council, can assess regular updates related to the implementation and achievements of the HSAP actions.

Participated in the regular Housing Consortium Initiative (HCI) meetings and development requires related to the new housing administration technology platform.

Maximize provincial and federal funding to meet agreement requirements and to enhance housing stability.

100% of all allocated federal and provincial funding is planned to be secured.

Ensure municipal council has strong information from committees and community networks and other mechanisms to support housing stability.

There are 8 municipal teams that meet regularly to advance urgent housing, provide latest statistics on housing, advancement of funding opportunities and ensures common understanding of housing related strategies. Teams include: SWOT Team, Municipal Housing Strategy Team, Housing Stability Action Plan Implementation team, Housing Leadership Team, Coordinated Informed Response team, and Core Area Action Team.

To support the City during its enterprise-wide restructuring, including housing related services, a project management team has been created to support logistics and implementation.


The Housing Stability for All Plan

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Housing Stability for All Action Plan - 2021 Update

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The Housing Stability for All Action Plan - Committee Report (May 11. 2021)

If you require the Housing Stability for All Plan in an alternative format, please reach out housing@london.ca

Head lease program

The Head Lease program matched individuals & families experiencing homelessness to transitional housing with supports. Through this 19-month pilot program, a total of twenty individuals experiencing homelessness were transitionally housed in sixteen private market head lease units.  Program participants were supported with life skills development to promote successful tenancy.  For more information please see the reports below or reach out to homelessprevention@london.ca 

Committee reports

London Homeless Coalition and the City of London

The City of London's homeless prevention and housing team participated in a community information session at the request of the London Homeless Coalition. View the recording of this session here.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the team at HousingStability@london.ca 

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