Fire safety plans

A Fire Safety Plan helps to ensure effective utilization of fire safety systems, equipment, and procedures in a building to protect people from fire.

The Ontario Fire Code O. Reg 213/07 as amended requires a Fire Safety Plan (Division B Section 2.8) for many properties and businesses. The Ontario Fire Code requires every Fire Safety Plan to be reviewed and approved by the Chief Fire Official of your local Fire Department. The plan is required to be reviewed annually by the building owner and any changes made be submitted to the London Fire Department.

For a list of when a Fire Safety Plan is required, please review Ontario Fire Code O. Reg 213/07 as amended Division B Article

Download and read the document carefully and ensure all applicable items for your building/business are filled out. Additionally, ensure any Appendices that apply to your building/business are completed and submitted with your Fire Safety Plan.

The document can be filled out using any PDF reader. Ensure the document is not saved in a different format after you have completed your entries.

The City of London will charge a fee of $173 plus tax per a Fire Safety Plan Approval. The fee can be found in the City of London Fees and Charges By-law A-57.


 Fire Safety Plan Template – London Fire Department


Appendix A – Instructions for Operating Commercial Cooking Suppression System

Appendix B – Spill Control Procedures

Appendix C – Fire Emergency Procedures Training with Supervisory Staff

Appendix D – Duties Under a Fire Watch

Appendix E – Fire Drill Procedures

Submitting your completed form 

When you have completed your plan, you may submit it in one of four ways:

  1. E-mail your completed plan to Please name your file with the property address. Schematic drawings, Appendices and any other applicable documents may be scanned and sent with this Fire Safety Plan.
  2. By fax to 519–661–8419 
  3. By printing two copies and bringing them to 400 Horton St, London, 3rd floor Fire Prevention Division
  4. By e-mailing the documents to your area Fire Prevention Inspector
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