The Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre is located at 78 Riverside Drive.

Hours of operation

This community centre is open for select recreation programming, and the hours of operation are based on the program offering times. If you have not registered for a recreation program at this facility, you will not be permitted inside. 

About Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre

At Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre, we strive to enrich the lives of older adults by providing inclusive activities, programs, services and space where everyone feels a sense of belonging, vitality and excitement.

The Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre helps older adults in London live healthy, active and socially oriented lives.  The City of London continually strives to identify opportunities for improvement at our centres, aiming to enhance the experience for the members as well as the broader community.

Our new three-year strategic plan lays out a clear path for the centre.  The plan builds on the concepts of the Dimensions of Wellness (physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, occupational, environmental) and works to continue to engage the members of the centres.

The Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre offers a diverse array of programs including fitness and exercise classes for people with osteoporosis, yoga, cards, craft programs, ceramics, choir, ballroom dancing, darts, shuffleboard, and billiards, as well as seminars on complementary therapies, nutrition and other aspects of wellness. Rooms at the centre are available for rent, which include an auditorium, meeting rooms and activity rooms; the facility is completely wheelchair accessible. 

Memberships are available and members receive reduced rates on recreation programs as well as on bus trips and for special events.  Kiwanis special events take place each Friday, and they include a meal as well as entertainment.  Bus trips operate to places of interest throughout the year. 

Registered programs

Check our  Play Your Way website to register and pay for programs that take place at Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre. 

Cancellations and closures

Check our cancellation page to ensure your program is running as scheduled.


Main amenities
  • Air conditioned
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Kitchen use
  • Front seating lobby area
  • Cafeteria/seating area
Meeting room

Tables and chairs available with rental

Fitness room
  • Ideal for dance or fitness programs
  • Solid hard wood flooring
  • One mirrored wall
  • Perfect for parties or special events
  • Tiled flooring
  • Rectangular tables and chairs available with rental

Please note:

  • Insurance can be purchased through the City of London, or you can provide a copy of your own coverage.
  • Commercial rate is applied when renter is charging admission or charging participants a fee to participate.
  • Non-alcohol events only.
  • Once your booking is completed through customer service, please call Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre directly at 519-661-5740 at least 48 hours prior to your room rental to discuss room set up. Staff will be available on site during rentals for room set up and take down.
  • The City of London is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Please secure your items and leave valuables at home.


Visit our rentals page to book a space in the Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre. To book a rental, call 519-661-5575 or email

Rental rates


Adult Rate $46.38 per hour
Minor Rate $34.79 per hour
Commercial Rate $83.48 per hour

Conference room

Adult Rate $38.80 per hour
Minor Rate $29.10 per hour
Commercial Rate $69.84 per hour

Meeting room

Adult Rate $27.88 per hour
Minor Rate $20.91 per hour
Commercial Rate $50.18 per hour

Activity room

Adult Rate $27.88 per hour
Minor Rate $20.91 per hour
Commercial Rate $50.18 per hour


Visit our seniors' centres page for more information. 

Upcoming special events

Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre hosts several events each year. 

There are no special events currently scheduled at Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre. 

Last modified:Wednesday, April 28, 2021