City of London Community Grants Evaluation Criteria

This chart provides details related to how the Community Review Panel evaluates each application. 55% is allocated to the strategy of the project or initiative, 15% is allocated to Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression, 15% is allocated to the project budget and 15% is allocated to the organizational capacity and sustainability. 

Project/Initiative Strategy (55%)



Evaluation Objective

Project Goals


Project description and proposed activities are articulated with a high degree of effectiveness.

Description includes collaboration and maintaining partnerships in project design and service delivery.

Annual Innovation and Grassroots Grants: Proposed activities demonstrate an innovative and new approach.

 Funding Alignment


Project is strongly aligned and will advance the chosen strategic area of focus and related outcomes and expected results.

 Evidence of gap and need


Community need and urgency is well understood and strongly presented, through evidence and community engagement.

Project does not appear to be a duplication of service in the community and/or to identified population.

This is the right organization to deliver on the results.

Community Impact


Project is expected to have a high degree of impact on the community and have demonstrated outcomes to achieve this impact.

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression (15%)



Evaluation Objective

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression 15%

Evidence of equity-denied group’s input into proposal.


Project is expected to benefit equity-denied groups.


Evidence of diversity of organization leadership.


Anti-racism Anti-oppression strategic area of focus selected for project.


Organization demonstrates steps to addressing anti-racism anti-oppression.


Project is being delivered by staff representing identified equity-denied group.

 Project budget (15%)

Criteria Value Evaluation Objective

Project Budget


Budget is reasonable and will be an effective/efficient use of city funds.

Budget is consistent with the project description and activities.

Future financial and sustainability plan established.

 Organizational capacity and sustainability (15%)

Criteria Value Evaluation Objective

Organizational capacity and sustainability


Evidence that operations are sustainable, with a future plan for the project.


Organization has fundraising capabilities.


Organization has financial capacity to deliver on intended results (Evidence of diverse funding sources)

Do they have the infrastructure to deliver the project if funded?


Organization demonstrates financial need for City of London funding.

Total (100%) 

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