Rzone is a program requiring all persons wishing to visit or use any City of London recreation facility, park or program to respect others and take responsibility in helping the City maintain a positive environment. The "R" in Rzone stands for Respect and Responsibility. Respect for yourself, Respect for others and Responsibility for your actions. The logo will serve as a reminder to staff and the public that the program is in effect and applies everyone.

Rzone is first and foremost, a proactive education and awareness strategy to promote respectful and responsible behaviour at recreation facilities. The Rzone program applies to all community organizations and individuals using City of London recreational facilities, parks, and programs.

Rzone originated in Oakville, and has been adopted by 6 other Ontario municipalities and 1 U.S. municipality. A City of London Rzone by-law and policy now applies in all City of London recreation facilities and parks.

Rzone Policy

Why do we need Rzone in London?

Incidents of bullying, violence, intimidation, vandalism, threats, and discriminatory behaviour have unfortunately risen over the past number of years in London.  Prior to Rzone, no City by-law or policy existed that provided staff with clear direction and authority to deal with issues that were not clearly criminal behaviours requiring police involvement.

What behaviours are considered inappropriate under Rzone?

No form of violence, vandalism or inappropriate behaviour is acceptable on properties, in facilities or in programs. Incidents involving the following should be reported:

  • Threats/ attempts to intimidate
  • Aggression
  • Use of alcohol/drugs
  • Harassment
  • Verbal assault/use of profane or abusive language
  • Physical assault/harm
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Attempts to goad or incite violence
  • Bullying, mistreatment which intimidates, humiliates, or demeans another person
  • Possession of weapons or firearms prohibited under the Criminal Code
  • Any contravention of other Federal or Provincial laws, Regulations, City By-laws or policies deemed inappropriate behaviour
  • Refusal to follow the rules established by the City for use of its facilities
How does Rzone affect the responsibilities of referees and officials on the field of play?

Games are still regulated by the rules of the sport and these rules are administered by the designated officials while the game or match is in play.  Rzone will not impact players participating in the game context.  Rzone will apply to spectators observing games and will also apply to teams at tournaments who are not playing at the tie of an incident.

How do I report an Incident?

For best and timely resolutions, incidents should be reported within 24 hours. If you are involved in or witness an incident at a City "indoor" facility, you may report it to a staff member. (S)he will, with your assistance, complete the report. If an incident occurs at an "outdoor" facility where staff are not available, an incident report should be submitted online. To report an incident, please fill out the Rzone Incident Report form below and e-mail it to rzone@london.ca.

Once a report is made, City of London staff will investigate the incident and apply sanctions to offending parties if deemed necessary.

Rzone counts on organizations promoting Rzone principles and standards of conduct amongst their own membership. The City will promote Rzone and respond to complaints of Rzone violations occurring on City property. In addition, we hope the promotional and monitoring activities of the City and organizations using City recreational facilities will contribute to safer, healthier, more respectful recreation environments.

Clubs, affiliations, and organizations utilizing City of London recreational facilities are required to make their participants and membership aware of Rzone.


Last modified:Monday, May 01, 2023