Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond Street Intersection Environmental Assessment


Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond Street is a busy intersection. Due to London’s growth, this intersection can no longer handle the high amount of traffic during peak hours, which results in traffic jams, traffic infiltration to surrounding neighborhoods and unsafe conditions for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The 2030 Transportation Master Plan recommended several improvements to the intersection, including more through and turning lanes on Fanshawe and improvements to nearby pedestrian and cyclist facilities.

This Environmental Assessment explored a variety of planning solutions to address the challenges in the area. Through the Environmental Study Report, several intersection improvements were recommended that aligned with the Transportation Master Plan’s recommendations.

These improvements include:

  • additional through and turn lanes on Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond Street.
  • removing the existing southbound and westbound right turn lanes
  • improving existing pedestrian, landscaping and urban design features and adding new street lighting
  • adding and improving existing bike lanes

The recommendations are designed to do the following, among other factors:

  • help improve traffic operations
  • increase safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists
  • be compatible with potential Rapid Transit developments
  • improve conditions of utilities and services

Construction to start the intersection improvements is planned in 2022 subject to property acquisition and all necessary approvals.

Current status

The Environmental Assessment is complete, and Council approved the plan in 2018.

Study Area

The study area was the Richmond Street and Fanshawe Park Road East intersection. For more information, please contact Michelle Morris by emailing or calling 519-661-2489 extension 5806.


Project Timeline

2015: Start of the Environmental Assessment

The City sent out a notice of commencement to residents, business owners and interested stakeholders to notify them of the Environmental Assessment's start.

October 2015: First Public Information Centre

A Public Information Centre was scheduled for October 2015 in the Masonville Branch of the London Public Library- interested parties were encouraged to attend. The public provided comments specific to the Fanshawe Park Road/Richmond Street intersection to the project team, which were critical to the development of this environmental assessment.

June 2016: Second Public Information Centre

A Public Information Centre was scheduled for June 2017 at Lambeth Community Centre. The team provided all interested parties with an update on the project and listened to feedback that was critical to shaping the recommendations provided by the Environmental Study Report.

October 2018: Environmental Study Report completed

The Environmental Assessment is now complete, and Council approved the plan in 2018.

Last modified:Tuesday, April 09, 2024