Planning and development applications

Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily amended our submission process for all applications pertaining to planning, development, building and licensing. Only digital applications will be accepted for all services. Development & Compliance Services staff and our partners are making best efforts to advance applications in a timely fashion.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Start a development application

Please submit all applications and general inquiries by email to

The following new applications may be submitted: 

  • Official plan amendments and re-zoning applications 
  • Draft plan of subdivision applications (having completed an Initial Proposal Review within the past 24 months) 
  • Vacant land condominium applications (having completed an Initial Proposal Review within the past 24 months) 
  • All other condominium applications 
  • Site plan applications 
  • Consents
  • Minor variances
  • Administrative applications related to permit issuance, including but not limited to holding provision removals, part-lot control applications, draft plan extensions, etc.

Due to resourcing constraints for Development Services and its partners, application review will be prioritized as follows: 

  • Applications that are required to facilitate near-term building permit issuance (holding provision removals, part-lot control, water quality change requests) 
  • Affordable housing applications 
  • Applications for industrial lands 
  • Applications where pre-application consultation has occurred within 24 months of the submission date 
  • Applications where pre-application consultation has occurred more than 24 months from the submission date 
  • Other applications not covered above (site alteration agreements, draft plan extensions, etc.) 
Site plans and compliance

The City utilizes site plan control to ensure safe, functional and high quality developments are constructed throughout the city. To initiate the site plan approval (SPA) process (apply for a site plan) applicants are encouraged to contact Development Services staff to arrange an informal discussion. This is the potential applicant's opportunity to discuss their proposal, generally. Subsequent to this meeting, a submission may be made for site plan consultation.

All site plans are processed internally by multi-disciplinary teams of planners, engineers, site development planners, landscape architects and technicians, not to mention the various departments and agencies that provide feedback throughout the consultation and application process(es).

For general inquiries, contact Heather McNeely, Manager, Development Services (Site Plans). 

Compliance inspections and security releases

Submit subdivision requests to

Submit site plan requests to

Onsite inspections will require supervision by the owner or its agent to ensure that health and safety measures are in place and maintained, including the use of personal protective equipment and appropriate physical distancing from Inspection staff.  Should measures not be in place/be maintained, Inspection staff will leave the site and a new site inspection will need to be rescheduled once proper measures are in place.

Subdivisions, condos, consents and compliance

Subdivision final approval is available and can be coordinated through the applicable senior planner. 

Condominium and consent agreements and approval are progressing and can be coordinated through the applicable senior planner.

Compliance inspections and security releases are available and can be coordinated via email at

ECAs are being reviewed and digital submissions have been agreed to by the Ministry.

For general inquiries, contact Matt Feldberg, Manager, Development Services (Subdivisions) 

Re-zoning and minor variances 

For general inquiries, contact Michael Tomazincic, Manager, Current Planning 

Planning Application Fees

Planning Application Fees are contained in the Fees and Charges By-law A-55 These fees are subject to change without notice and exclude applicable taxes. Planning applications include:

  • Official Plan amendments
  • Zoning by-law amendments
  • Removal of holding provisions
  • Subdivisions
  • Condominiums
  • Minor variances
  • Consents
  • Site plans 
Fees effective January 1, 2020:
  • Site plan approval residential - 1-5 units $1024, Residential over 5 units $1024 plus $51.20/unit
  • Site plan approval non-residential - $1024 plus variable fee of (total Gross Floor Area sqm less 1000 sqm x $1.02)
  • Site plan amendment - $768
  • Fire route - $768
  • Municipal street renumbering - $512
  • Commemorative street application fee - $512
  • Street renaming - $512 plus costs of signage, installation advertising and $200/house
  • Official Plan amendment - $12,288
  • Zoning by-law amendment - $11,014
  • Combined OPA and ZBA - $20,480
  • Subdivisions - $15,360 plus variable fees of $153.60 per single family lot, plus $307.20 per block for multiple  family residential, commercial industrial, institutional or park blocks
  • Condominiums - $7,680 plus $153.20/unit (Vacant land plus $153.20/unit), $3072 (Standard), $1843.20 (Amalgamated)
  • Consents - $1536 for first lot to be created and $153.60 for each additional lot
  • Minor variances - $409.60 - $1,228.80
  • Deeming by-law - $1,000
  • Consultation - $256 (refunded upon submission of an application)
  • Compliance inspections - $256 (after second inspection)

Planning & Development Application Forms

The application forms provided below are available as PDF documents.  Some of the documents are fillable online forms and others require you to manually enter information by hand.  



Public hearing process

Prior to the hearing

Members of the public are asked to pre-register if possible to speak in person at a public hearing.

  • Pre-register by calling Dan Murphy, acting Secretary Treasurer, London Committee of Adjustment at 519-661-CITY (2489) x 5923 or by emailing Please indicate the submission number. 

Presentations by applicants and members of the public will be strictly verbal. Any other submission of photos, slides or written information must be submitted in advance of the public hearing. These can be forwarded to the Secretary Treasurer. In order to be considered, all submissions should be made prior to noon the day of the scheduled public hearing.

Public hearing process – At the hearing
  • Applicants and members of the public should self-screen for COVID-19 before entering City Hall, and anticipate being greeted by security and asked further COVID-19 screening questions upon entering City Hall.
  • Applicants and members of the public are asked to enter City Hall no earlier than 10 minutes before their scheduled hearing time.
  • When appropriate, applicants and members of the public will have an opportunity to speak to the Committee, using the microphone in the meeting room. Floor markings will indicate where to stand.
Last modified:Thursday, October 22, 2020